Monday, April 18, 2011

Hometown Highlight: Hubbard

City: Hubbard
County: Trumbull
Region: Northeast
Population: 8,000

Hubbard, Ohio is a small city located near Youngstown and just minutes from the Pennsylvania border. It can boast of 5 golf courses and 15 bars which cater to just over 8,000 residents. A bit excessive, I will admit, but it's a fun town that I am proud to hail from.

Being right off of Interstate 80, and the last exit before heading into Pennsylvania (or first heading in Ohio), Hubbard is a pit-stop for many travelers and truck drivers alike. There is not one, not two, but three truck stops which are both eclectic and touristy. But if you take the time to travel further off the exit, there is much more to be seen beyond the truck stops.

Main Street in Hubbard is also State Route 7. You can take it all the way up to Lake Erie which would take about an hour, or you can head south to the Ohio River. Main Street is sprinkled with quaint shops and restaurants, such as The Emerald Diner (above), a tiny restaurant that resembles a railroad rolling stock car (fittingly located right by the railroad tracks). It is one of 26 remaining pre-war (1939) streamline modern style Jerry O'Mahony diners. Stop here for an amazing brunch (fantastic pancakes) or, my personal favorite, cavatelli. They also have other great traditional diner food such as soups, salads, sandwiches, and pie!

For dessert, however, I would recommend Katie’s Korner Homemade Ice Cream, which is where I had my first job ever as an ice cream scooper for 3 summers. They make the ice cream in an adjacent building in delicious flavors! Unbeatable in the area! You could also swing by Magero’s Candies down the road to pick up some chocolate covered potato chips or any other great candies made right there in Hubbard. These are a much more portable treat than the ice cream, and make a great gift.

After eating, I would recommend stopping at Harding Park on South Main Street. Here, many youth sports teams play and people hold graduations and other events in the pavilions. However, a passer-by can enjoy hiking paths, playgrounds, volleyball nets, and a fitness course. If you happen to be a golfer, you should definitely take advantage of the many golf courses Hubbard has to offer. I am not much of a golfer, which is why I enjoy Deer Creek Golf Course (below). It has a driving range and miniature golf for the novice players. And, if nothing else, I always found it fun to be the caddy to family members who did golf!

To end the evening, Frankie’s Main Street CafĂ© provides nice dinners and a great bar atmosphere. As mentioned, bars are plentiful in Hubbard, but Frankie’s outshines the rest if you’re looking for a youthful scene where you can get good eats (their artichoke dip is great) and cheap drinks (a fraction of the price I pay in Columbus). They just added a nice patio to top it off! If you are up for it, you can also try Bell Wick Bowl, although, I will admit, it is a pretty outdated and grungy bowling alley on the other side of town. Not the most glamorous of places by any means, but fun and cheap nonetheless!

If you ever find yourself passing through Hubbard on I-80 or SR 7, stop and smell the roses a bit!

1. Emerald Diner (825 N. Main St., Hubbard, OH 44425)
2. Katie’s Korner Homemade Ice Cream
3. Magero’s Candies (132 N. Main St., Hubbard, OH 44425)
4. Harding Park (249 Roosevelt Dr., Hubbard, OH 44425)
5. Deer Creek Golf Course (7691 E. Liberty St., Hubbard, OH 44425)
6. Bell Wick Bowl (6105 W. Liberty St., Hubbard, OH 44425)
7. Frankie’s Main Street Cafe (368 N. Main St., Hubbard, OH 44425)

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