Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wheeler Park

Photo by OHventures

Wheeler Park
725 Thurber Dr W
Columbus, OH 43215

I am a dog lover who does not currently own a dog. But Wheeler Park is always one of the highlights of my evening jog or walk to the grocery store. No, I do not creepily stand and watch the dogs, but walking by, I ALWAYS see DOZENS of dogs running around having the time of their lives at Wheeler Park Dog Park, and it's always fun to check out the pups when walking by.

I used to have a dog ( was my roommate's) and this park is very conveniently located to my apartment complex. It was always a fun and quick trip to the park to let the dog interact with others. The problem was,  there is no separate area for small dogs to play, and that could become a problem if the big dogs get a bit too aggressive.

What was nice is that there are complimentary doggie bags available to use to pick up your pup's poo (which I suggest you do). And it is a nice, open, hilly area that is fantastic for all the canines to run free and enjoy themselves.

Again, even if you don't happen to have a dog, walking by will brighten your day. It is a very popular spot for dog owners. If you are a dog owner, you could meet plenty of other locals by going here every now and then. And your dog will make lots of friends too! There is parking readily available on Collins Ave., Thurber Drive, and in the Giant Eagle parking lot.

I remember when this was not a dog park (all they did to change that was put a fence up). It was a rather dismal and plain looking park with nothing to do but sit on a bench and nothing to see but the back of Giant Eagle and Spinelli's Deli. It being a dog park is a much needed improvement to the neighborhood!

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