Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10 Rainy Day OHventures

It's been a pretty soggy fall this year in Ohio (okay, every year in Ohio), so what's one to do when the rain keeps pouring? This past week alone, my fishing plans had to be rescheduled and my weekend camping ended up being way too wet for comfort. Thankfully, I have compiled a list of ideas for things for adventure seekers in Ohio to seek out when they don't want to settle for boardgames and TV!

1. Indoor Rock Climbing: This rather extreme activity is (in my opinion) more fun than its outdoor counterpart! It's easier, cheaper, and more accessible! There are plenty of indoor facilities all across the state that welcome everyone from beginners to pros. Give yourself a hefty workout and climb to new heights!

2. Trampoline Park: If you live in Central Ohio, or are up for a bit of a drive in the rain, then you should most definitely head to the Sky Zone Trampoline Park located in Lewis Center. Here, you can participate in trampoline aerobics, dodgeball, free jump, or a number of other awesome activities. Clevelanders can hold tight - a location is in the works for your neck of the woods!

3. Yoga: There are many different kinds of yoga with names that don't make much sense to me (hasha, ashtanga, bikram...), but what I do know is that this awesome exercise regimen is often underrated by a large sector of the population. Yoga is both relaxing and challenging at the same time - and healthy as can be! One try and you'll be hooked. (Click the link for a list of Ohio locations)

 4. Tour a Brewery: Get yourself a designated driver and head out to one of the countless breweries located in Ohio. Take a tour and learn about the wonderful hoppiness of the specially crafted Buckeye beers. Odds are, there aren't many OHventurers opposed to giving this a try on a rainy day!

5. Join a Gym: I don't know what I would do if it weren't for my gym membership! Not only do you of course benefit by building muscle, trimming fat, and getting in shape; but you make friends, gain more energy each day, and create a more positive outlook in life! Joining a gym means there's no excuse to not go running: the treadmill never gets wet!

6. Ziplining: Believe it or not, this outdoor activity is offered rain or shine (but NOT during a lightning storm of course). If you don't mind a few raindrops splattering on your face as you zip among the treetops, then you should definitely take advantage of this thrilling event. It's only water, after all!

7. Check Out a Museum: Did you know Ohio has literally hundreds of museums? And they're not all snooze fests (I wouldn't tell you to go if they were, now would I?). For instance, there's the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum in Pickerington, the famed Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, the Statehouse in Columbus, and even the Merry-Go-Round Museum in Sandusky!

8. Craft a Candle: The Candle Lab is the new it thing It's currently exclusively in and around the Central Ohio area, but I guarantee that this hot activity will take off and expand throughout the state. Here, you literally make your own candles by mixing and matching from over 120 different scents, and creating your label as well. Definitely a great rainy day activity, and, after all, everyone likes things to smell nice!

9. Tour a Distillery: Much like the aforementioned brewery idea, why not kick it up a notch and go for the hard stuff? Vodka, gin, whisky, and other liquors are made right here in Ohio, and taking a drink of these straight from the distillery is sure to warm your body and make your forget about the storm outside!

10. Get Wet Anyway: Remember when you were a kid and nothing stopped you from going out and stomping through a puddle or playing in the mud? Why let that change? Given there's no lightning, get out there and get wet (and not in the naughty way). Take a soggy hike, a damp run, or a waterlogged camping trip. Who knows? The rain might make it even more fun!

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  1. I have to add the Franklin Park Conservatory - one of our favorite rainy day (or too-cold day... or too-hot day... basically any day when you don't want to be outside). It's a gorgeous place to walk around, explore, take photographs or just be peaceful. Sometimes finding a zen moment is an adventure in itself, right?