Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Land We Call Ohio

Painting by Richard Canfield

"The Land We Call Ohio" was a project in which eight artists painted their way through all 88 counties of Ohio. They each divided, conquered and painted parts of the state, and have made their works available in individual prints as well as in a beautiful coffee table book. I came to know about this book and project in a round-about way. My second cousin had an uncle on her mother's side named Richard Canfield who was one of the 8 artists. He has since passed away, but his paintings live on. He is the artist behind the beautiful rendition of the Mill Creek Park mill (below), among many others. It's crazy what a small world it is and how I am (in a six degrees of separation kind of way) linked to one of these astounding artists. Take a look at The Land We Call Ohio to find your home county, or one of your favorite paintings. Mine happens to also have been done by Richard Canfield (the Serpent Mounds of Adams County, above). These paintings are a true representation of our state's vast beauty.

Painting by Richard Canfield

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