Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cleveland Urbanobstacle

If the thought of running in a crazy obstacle course sounds fun to you, but you're turned off at the idea of trudging through mud and muck (like the Warrior Dash), then the Woo Who Urbanobstacle in Cleveland is for you! The 9-mile challenge takes adventure seekers on an adrenaline pumping tour of downtown Cleveland, through a series of physical obstacles. Single runners can take up the challenge, or relay teams of 3 runners per team can participate.

Some of the obstacles include "barreling" through a sea of orange construction barrels, running through an abandoned school bus, rolling old car tires, climbing on a series of trucks and cars, and the coolest of all, scaling the bleachers of the stadium stairs at Progressive Field, where the Cleveland Indians play ball!

The Woo Who Urbanobstacle gets its name from the Woo Who Foundation, which is dedicated to raising money to go toward breast cancer research. Ohio is 4th in the nation for breast cancer mortality, so your particpation in the Urbanobstacle can help save lives!

If you are interested in running in the Woo Whoo Urbanobstacle, time is ticking! The event takes place Saturday, August 4 at 9AM at the West Side Masonic Temple. The finish line is at Whiskey Island, where Krusty's Summer Sauce Camp will be taking place as the after-party event. More information, such as how to register, can be found here. 

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