Wednesday, August 1, 2012

5 Great Running Events

There are countless running events of all kinds throughout the year in Ohio. From 5Ks and Mud Runs to Marathons and Half Marathons, you can find the best way to challenge your running abilities and endurance all while sightseeing the great cities across the Buckeye State. Here is just a small sample of running events that are OHventures approved!

1. Capital City Half Marathon: After months of training, including many setbacks and triumphs, I ran my very first half marathon, the Capital City Half Marathon in downtown Columbus. This half marathon also offers a 5K and quarter marathon option, and has a total of 13,000 participants who can run for a variety of charities, including the American Cancer Society. This is a perfect half marathon to run, as it takes you through the scenic parts of the city such as the Scioto Mile, Short North, Campus, and German Village. I will never forget the amazing experience I had running this massive race and will always encourage others to give it a shot each May.

2. Air Force Marathon: The Air Force Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K will be held on September 15, 2012. The Start and Finish Lines are at the National Museum of the United States Air Force, located just outside of Dayton. The event, which began in 1997, is completely sold out but you can always go as a spectator and consider running for the following year. To commemorate Dayton's rich history in flight, each year one aircraft is chosen to be highlighted during the marathon and on the unique finisher's medal. In 2012, the Air Force Marathon will feature the B-2 Spirit,a multi-role bomber capable of delivering both conventional and nuclear munitions.

3. Cleveland Urbanobstacle: This 9-mile challenge takes adventure seekers on an adrenaline pumping tour of downtown Cleveland, through a series of physical obstacles. Single runners can take up the challenge, or relay teams of 3 runners per team can participate. Some of the obstacles include "barreling" through a sea of orange construction barrels, climbing on a series of trucks and cars, and the coolest of all, scaling the bleachers of the stadium stairs at Progressive Field, where the Cleveland Indians play ball. All of it is to raise money to fight breast cancer for the Woo Who Foundation. The race takes place every August.

4. Warrior Dash Ohio: You've heard of these massively popular mud runs, but what exactly are they?  Warrior Dash is a 3 mile race that takes you through 12 different obstacles along the way, some of which include: Hell's Hill (just a really steep hill), Deadweight Drifter (trudging through water), The Great Warrior Wall (a barricade you must scale), Hay Fever (running over huge hay stacks), Warrior Roast (leaping over fire), and Muddy Mayhem (crawling through mud under barbed wire). It's definitely not for the squeamish! Races take place in various locations, including in Logan, Carrollton, and North Lawrence from June through September.

5. Canton Marathon: Canton can now join the ranks of Akron, Dayton, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and Toledo as host cities for full marathons. It shows that Ohioans are becoming more enthusiastic about running and fitness. In addition to a full marathon (26.2 whopping miles for those unaware), athletes in the area could also sign up to run a half marathon, a marathon with a five-person team relay, and a 10K (6.2 miles). Walkers and those in wheelchairs were also encouraged to participate in their respective specialized divisions. Taking place in June, the coolest part of the Canton Marathon was that the course started and ended at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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