Monday, October 29, 2012

Local Music Meets "The Walking Dead"

Photo by Ben Evans
Just in time for Halloween, Akron-Canton based singer-songwriter Ryan Humbert (also a former Featured OHventurer) has just released his BRAND NEW Official Music Video for his single "Waiting For The Lightning."
Chock full of zombie scenes inspired by the massively popular cable television show and comic book series "The Walking Dead," the video is the first off of Humbert's 2012 album "Sometimes The Games Plays You," which was released earlier this year by the national record label Rock Ridge Music.
I had the special privilege of being a part of the video as one of the undead extras! It was an amazing experience to be part of such a large production! The shoot took place on September 29 and September 30 with filming locations in Canton and downtown Akron!
Fans of "The Walking Dead" would undoubtedly recognize familiar scenes recreated by Ryan and his band in the music video. Ryan portrayed sheriff Rick Grims from the television shows, who wakes up alone in a hospital room only to find that a zombie apocalypse has occurred while he was in a coma. Ryan's bassist Jared Lees plays cross-bow wielding Daryl, back up vocalist Emily Bates portrays the blond bombshell Andrea, and pianist Ben Evans plays the wise, white-bearded Dale.
Ryan worked in conjunction with the City of Akron and the local highway departments to have roads shut down for filming. This helped to set the scene for the apocalyptic backdrop from the show. Zombie extras such as myself scattered in the desolate streets as Ryan rode through on a horse, exactly how Rick did in the comic and television show!
The band also filmed dressed as themselves playing in a large field while the zombie extras slowly lurked out of the woods behind them. Filming was long and tiring, but extremely fun and rewarding! We made new friends, put our acting skills to use, and got to run around in full professional zombie makeup!! I even got stung by a bee (thanks to the strawberry jam running down my neck). But it was all in the name of ROCK 'N ROLL!
Watch the video below, share it, and visit Ryan's website to purchase the ultra catchy pop-rock jam!


This woman was one of my favorite zombie co-stars! Photo by OHventures

"Eating" band member Emily Bates! Photo by Eric Battershell

In my full zombie makeup (including strawberry jam) Photo by OHventures

Rolling around to get muddy for the shoot! Photo by OHventures

Taking a break on the set of the music video shoot with the zombies! Photo by Eric Battershell

ZOMBIES! Photo by Eric Battershell

Eating at Luigi's in Downtown Akron after the video shoot! Photo by Eric Battershell
Ryan Humbert, his band, crew, and zombie extras! Photo by Eric Battershell
Me with the star of the video himself!

Filming in downtown Akron!

Ryan on his equestrian costar in downtown Akron!

This little girl was extra creepy! What a way to celebrate a 12th birthday!

Me with Ryan Humbert Band bassist Jared Lees as "Daryl"

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