Thursday, April 25, 2013

Welshfield Inn

14001 Main Market Rd  
Burton, OH 44021
(440) 834-0190

Some of the best adventures are those that come about spontaneously and unplanned. While traveling up to Cuyahoga Falls with my Aunt Patty (of Mahoning County and Ashtabula County Winery fame), we researched where we could stop and grab dinner on our way home! After shopping at some of our favorite stores (Trader Joe's, The North Face, Lululemon, etc.) we decided that heading to the Welshfield Inn would be the no-brainer dining establishment of choice (partially because we as Evanses are Welsh)!

The Welshfield Inn is a historic landmark in Northeast Ohio, originally built in the 1840s. It was a part of the Underground Railroad during the Civil War, caring for escaped slaves on their way to Canada (according to the official Welshfield Inn website). It became the family style restaurant that it is today in 1946. Over the decades, it has gone through many renovations and restorations, but the original structure still serves as the center of the restaurant.

From the outside, the Welshfield Inn looks like the picture perfect colonial American home: flags waving, flowers in bloom, and beautiful pillars. The interior is just as comforting: tin roofs, beautiful carpentry, and antique furniture. 

But of course, what Patty and I came for was the food! The incredibly hospitable waitstaff immediately brought freshly baked cinnamon rolls to our table! These homemade gooey treats trump plain old dinner rolls anyday! They were definitely the highlight of the visit, and the waiter was kind enough to give us a whole batch to take home with us! Many reviews we had read said that the chicken pot pie was the way to go! We both ordered it without hesitation and were not disappointed. The chicken pot pie was served in a mini crock pot with a leaf shaped biscuit on top and a delicious chop salad accompanying it. If you go to the Welshfield Inn, order the chicken pot pie! The meal is not too filling, so it leaves room for the incredible homemade peach cobbler!

Other great items (according to other reviews and not firsthand accounts): beef tenderloin and scallops, lobster macaroni and cheese, pan seared beef liver, and chicken paprikash. Sunday brunch is also a hit at Welshfield Inn witth stuffed French toast, tenderloin eggs Benedict, and pot roast hash.

If you're ever in the mood for a slice of Ohio history along with a slice of some of the best homemade pies in Ohio, The Welshfield Inn is for you!

Photo by OHventures

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