Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Adornetto's Selected Italian Foods

Photo Courtesy of Adornetto's

2224 Maple Ave  
Zanesville, OH 43701
(740) 453-0789

When planning a mini day trip to visit my old high school and college friend Kelly (former OHventurer Of The Week) in Zanesville (Muskingum County), she told me that the most "Zanesville-y" place to eat was Adornetto's Selected Italian Foods.

"Just wait until you see a Zanesville salad," Kelly exclaimed to me.

Not knowing exactly what that meant, I got a pretty good chuckle out of it. Being that Kelly and I are originally from the Youngstown area, we know what good Italian food should be! This would mean that Adornetto's would have a lot to live up to! I met up with Kelly, her husband JK and her little boy Grant, and even though we had not seen each other in over 3 years, we hit it off like it was just yesterday!

The interior of Adornetto's was decked out! It had an enormous (fake) tree "growing" in the middle of the restaurant decorated with white Christmas lights. The decor was very "Italian" with brick archways and a wide, open feel.

As I came to discover, a "Zanesville salad," as Kelly would call it, is unique in that it is simply iceberg lettuce with nothing but a mountain of grated mozzarella cheese on top. That's it. If you wanted toppings, you had to pay extra. While it was rather bizarre to pay 65 cents for black olives, hot peppers, and mushrooms, I will say that the salad itself was rather tasty. While we are most definitely snobs when it comes to Italian, I would have to say that the Italian dressing received a passing grade in my book!

Photo Courtesy of Adornetto's

For my entree, I ordered the pasta pomodoro (pictured above) upon Kelly's suggestion. Others at the table ordered the lasagna. And Grant ordered the kid's spaghetti, which was naturally all over his baby polo shirt by the end of the evening!

The star of the dinner (other than little Grant of course) was, in my opinion, the cheesy garlic bread! Lay's may have a new potato chip modeled after this appetizer, but they have nothing on the stuff you can get at Adornetto's!! There was SO. MUCH. CHEESE. So much garlic. So much flavor. I couldn't get enough of the cheesy goodness. All of these carbs had us super full at a reasonable price!

It was a perfect Zanesville experience all around, and I will not let it be another 3 years before visiting Zanesville - and Kelly - again!

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