Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Racing Ribbons

This year, I ran the Capital City Half Marathon (Patron Quarter Marathon) with the American Cancer Society Endurance Team. Thanks to many generous donations, I raised over $400 to help fight cancer. While this pales in comparison to the $1500 I raised last year, this year I had more support than ever in the form of my "racing ribbons" on my back.

These ribbons representing cancer survivors (red ribbons) and victims (white ribbons) helped me to FLY in the Quarter Marathon. Displaying these on my back for all to see served as an inspiration to other runners and spectators and as a dedication to all of those who have faced cancer square in the face. The strength of the individuals whose names were on these ribbons transferred to me during my run. Anytime I felt like stopping, I kept running in the name of the fight against cancer.

Many people thanked me for doing such a "kind act" by wearing these ribbons. However, I am not the one to thank. I must instead take the time to thank all of those who shared with me the following names, and thank these individuals for being such amazing and wonderful parts of our lives.

I am proud to say that this years American Cancer Society Endurance Team raised over $25,000 to help fight cancer. Now that is a cause I can run for!!!!

Peg Gerschutz
Sandra Allison
Karen Pieton
Debbie Joki
Sandra Frazier
"The Godfather"
Susie Coulter
Chani Himes
Erin Shea
Gail Ellen Houlette
Norma Wilson

Shari Curl
Dustin Keryan
Dianne Halas
Chuck Snyder
Elmer & Jadine Morrison
Eleanor Skladany
Frank Fullam
Linda Rosenberg
Marji Bauman
Dave Cook
Marie Albert
Nana Zepf & Tia Patsy

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