Sunday, October 6, 2013

Local Ohio Art For Sale!

Photo by OHventures

At OHventures, we support all things Ohio-related, and that includes handmade original artwork made by Ohio artists! I could not pass up the opportunity to promote my father's amazing art pieces he has created over the years and is just now beginning to put up for sale for the public!

Just in time for the holidays, OHventures is selling original solid wood (maple) hand carved and hand painted decorative Santa Claus pieces, pictured above.

The Santa pieces stand at approximately 42 inches or 44 inches tall and stand on their own. It can be displayed indoors or outdoors during the holidays.

In addition, we are selling his tiki man sculpture that stands at 36 inches exactly and is made out of purse quaking aspen.

All pieces are carved using a chainsaw, chisel, and other hand tools!

The items are priced at or around $200 each.

Inquire via email and we can arrange for you to see the piece if you are interested! Special orders may be discussed as well.

Made with pride in Youngstown! Spread the word!

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