Sunday, October 6, 2013

Teamwork Is Dreamwork

The following is a special guest blog post by Johnathon of the blog Building United, a blog for those with a vested interest in living a life full on consistent personal and professional growth. Johnathon often uses his running experiences as a backdrop for his teaching of life lessons and self discovery. Building United aims to help people think positive, be positive, and do positive. The blog is truly inspiring, and we hope you enjoy the guest post below entitled "Teamwork Is Dreamwork."
It came out of nowhere when I heard it. My buddy Jeff and I were nearing the final miles of the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon this past May. I was running bandit style (no bib on my shirt) as Jeff was on his way to qualifying for Boston in his second ever marathon. The crowd began to increase in size over the last few miles.

As we approached a water station, I grabbed both Gatorade and water so Jeff did not have to worry about moving anymore than he physically had to. As I handed one of the cups to him, a spectator yelled out, “Teamwork is Dreamwork!”

Often times, running can become very much an individual task. Battling the inner demons and physical pains as the body gets absolutely battered at different points in time. Inside of each runner is that self-motivation and intrinsic reward in telling yourself not only can I do this, but I will do it. Through our own personal goals, be it in running, work, faith or life in general, it is easy to want to become self-absorbed and make everything a ‘one-man show’.

Looking back in history, there have been several men and women who have become legends for years to come and have established benchmarks in their respective fields. Amelia Earhart is the first woman to successfully fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Sure, she had a desire to learn aviation, and she accomplished this feat as a solo flight. Behind the scenes, Neta Snook taught Amelia to fly, and thus enabled her to achieve her dreams – just one example of teamwork contributing to the success of an individual.

These examples are in every corner and crevice of the earth. Behind each great performer is a great mentor, a brilliant educator, and often times, an amazing friend. I can honestly say that everyone needs to have at least one of this type of person in his or her daily life. By no means does your ‘team’ have to bring you the Presidency or earn you a million dollars. To be frank, this one person simply needs to support you in all of your endeavors, encourage you in all tasks, and genuinely care and love you for all that you are. As a team, if you can reciprocate these feelings and emotions with one another, your individual efforts will lead to a team victory.

In my own life, I have been blessed to have a person of this nature by my side for three years exactly on this date (June 30, 2013). She pushes me, she motivates me, and she inspires me to attain all that I can. Without her, I wouldn’t be the person I am today, nor would I have achieved all that I have in the past three years.

Words can’t express how thankful I am to have Jessica in my life. Although we have spent thousands of miles apart for extended periods of time, our teamwork helped us to maintain our strength and fight each and everyday in bettering ourselves and one another. One of my favorite movie quotes of all time is from Rudy. In the movie, Rudy’s best friend Pete surprises Rudy on his birthday with a cupcake and a leather Notre Dame jacket. Rudy had always dreamed of going to Notre Dame and knew Pete didn’t have a lot of money. Pete simply looked at Rudy and said: “HAVING DREAMS IS WHAT MAKES LIFE TOLERABLE.”

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