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Bowling Tips & Equipment For Beginners

Ahhh, bowling - what a great sport! Thinking of bowling conjures up many memories of me having bowling birthday bashes as a young child , joining a summertime mother-son league as a tween, playing on the high school junior varsity team as a teen, and participating in many leagues with friends and coworkers over the years. To this day, I still head to Bell Wick Bowl in my hometown of Hubbard occasionally when I visit!

was never the most excellent of bowlers, but I always aimed to improve my game and acquire more skills over the years. From attempting the professional "hook," to getting my steps just right, I constantly try to find the perfect form to bowl that perfect 300 game!

That's the beauty of bowling: anyone can play, from the most experienced of bowlers to inexperienced newbies! You can play seriously on a team, or not-so-seriously over a few drinks with friends (there were many times we had pitchers of beer or jello shots on hand to loosen ourselves up!). You can play on fluorescent lanes with black lights, or throw up the bumpers and throw the ball "granny style" down the lanes if you are truly lacking any skill!

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But if you are looking to get more active in bowling or simply hoping to show up your friends, getting the right equipment and learning the right tricks of the trade are extremely important!

First, you have to find a great bowling alley near you. Luckily, there are literally hundreds of bowling alleys all across Ohio!! You can catch a list of great bowling alleys by clicking this link.

You can’t be a good bowler without proper equipment such as: bowling bags, bowling bags on wheels, and especially bowling shoes. The best place to get the best of these is and! Visit these sites for ALL of your bowling needs, where you can find pretty much any and everything that the pros use!

As with any other sport, bowling takes plenty of dedication and exercise. If you need some help as a way to improve your game,  below are just a few lessons that every rookie bowler should learn!

1. Achieve The Pocket: Whenever you are bowling a new frame, a good spot to aim may be the pocket. This refers to the spot between the #1 and #3 pins (for right-handed players; lefties will aim between #1 and #2). This will give you the best shot at knocking down as much pins as you can and even obtaining a strike.

2. Avoid Aiming at the Head Pin: The #1 pin is also referred to as the head pin because it is out in front. Even though we mentioned you should aim for the pocket, many rookie players still can’t help themselves and aim at the head pin directly. It is normal to think that throwing the ball at the dead center gives you the best shot at a strike, but the layout is designed in such a manner to prevent this. Whenever you hit the #1 pin head on, you will find a good chance that you will have some pins left standing, and sometimes in the dreaded "split" formation.

3. Attempt To Hit Four Pins: In order to get a strike, you need to knock down at the very least four pins and these can take care of the rest. For a right-handed player, these pins ought to be #1, #3, #5 and #9 or the two center pins and the ones to their right. A lefty should knock down the two center pins and the ones to their left.

4. Throw Correctly: To throw a bowling ball correctly, you should swing the bowling ball all the way back behind you at a 90-degree angle (as shown in the diagram above), then swing forward, releasing when your hand is at approximately a 60-degree angle in front of you. This is called "following through" which is extremely important. You should always keep your arm entirely straight during your throw, and keep your head up, with eyes on the pins.

These are just some beginner tips, and we will be sure to post more in the future! Happy Bowling!

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