Saturday, May 17, 2014

First Amendment Public House

Photos by OHventures

150 W. Liberty Street
Wooster, OH 44691
(330) 601-0700

Prepare yourself for the First Amendment Public House, where both your tastebuds and your intellect will be put to task! Having worked with and for the government for the past 8 years of my career, I took a special liking to the Constitutionally-themed establishment from the start. I knew that whoever was the mastermind behind the restaurant/bar was someone with creative juices flowing into each and every detail.

Upon entering, you can see that the ceiling was painted blue and emblazoned with large white stars, much like our American flag (pictured below), and one wall had a giant version of - what else - the First Amendment - written in large script for all to see (pictured above). I took a seat at the bar, where I was greeted by a woman named Kyle Barnes, who I soon learned was the owner! 

Kyle is one cool chick. She had previously served in the military, took a stint in California, and made her way back to her hometown of Wooster to follow her dreams and open The First Amendment. Her dream, however, wasn't necessarily centered around the restaurant/bar business, but rather she wanted to create a safe haven for folks to engage in civil discourse on a variety of political, social, and economic issues that are facing our nation and world. She hosts healthy debates and discussions at the public house, and she encourages folks to come and meet like-minded individuals while enjoying a beer, listening to live music, or gorging on the best burgers in town.

The slogan for the First Amendment Public House is: We believe that any problem can be solved, or at least minimized, through healthy debate and education. And we also serve great food.

The Tax Break - Photo by First Amendment Public House

And they aren't joking about the great food. You don't have to like politics or get involved with any discussions to enjoy the amazing menu, which is stacked with sandwiches bearing clever politically-themed names, such as The Beef Sequester (slow roasted beef with carmelized onions, Swiss cheese, and cayenne horsey sauce), Red White & Bleu (red onion straws, cayenne and bleu cheese), The Tax Break (smoked cheddar, Sriracha mayo, and fresh cut fries - pictured above), The Barry Goldwater (slow roasted pork with honey chipotle barbecue sauce and jalepeno cole slaw - an immediate favorite of mine since I once had a pet fish with the same name), The Colbert (slow roasted pork with California pale ale BBQ sauce, American cheese, and dill pickles), The Peacemaker (slow roasted pork with apple chutney), The Reagan (the signature burger with guacamole, red onion, and pepper jack cheese), and the list goes on! I also ordered some black and tan onion rings (pictured below), and some Ross Perotatoes!!

Black & Tan Onion Rings - Photo by First Amendment Public House

This place has the freshest and most tasteful ingredients, a welcoming ambience, and a super cool theme that makes me wish it were a bit closer to home, but will definitely be worth the drive to the historic downtown Wooster!!

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