Monday, October 13, 2014

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

Photos by OHventures and Lynda Tuttle

If you happened to be driving through downtown Canton on Friday, October 3, you would have been in for a treat. Over 100 guys took the streets to answer the age old question "are you man enough?" by stepping into women's shoes and trotting around - all for a good cause, of course!

This spectacle was all part of the Walk A Mile In Her Shoes march to stop rape, sexual assault, and gender violence. Organized by the Domestic Violence Project, Inc., particpants - all male - raised funds to provide emergency and supportive services to victims of domestic violence. In addition to monetary donations, the teams had to throw off our sneakers and strap on high heels to - quite literally - walk a mile in her shoes.

With my Team Captain, Tim

I was part of Team Silver, led by our Captain, Tim Carmany, artist and owner of The Hub Gallery and Studios. Team Silver meant we all had to wear silver shoes. Unfortunately (or perhaps I should say fortunately), I could not get my hands on any silver high heels (nor did they have that color on hand in the donated shoe pile), so I wore size 10 women's flats.

Questioning our decision to be in public like this.

While this may seem like cheating, I will say that despite the lack of heels, they still were uncomfortable and difficult to walk in! Although, I definitely was called out by some of the lady spectators for not going all out like most of the other men.

Team Silver

There were dudes lookin' like ladies in all types of shoes, from pink fuzzy slippers, to gigantic black stilettos, to chunky white platform shoes. It was comical for sure! The walk began at Lynda Tuttle's Art Gallery where team photos were taken.

Slightly embarassing, but for a good cause!

The walk circled around the block, ending at the nearby Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photography where we enjoyed celebratory champagne and announced the winning team for raising the most money (it was not us).

Almost done!

Despite it pouring down rain, the twisted ankles, blisters, and aching feet, we all had a pretty fun time laughing at the sheer concept of the event. But we all left with a new perspective of some of the problems many women are faced with who are in abusive relationships. There's really nothing manlier than putting your pride aside and showing respect and appreciate for women, and giving strength to all of the silent voices out there.

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