Saturday, June 6, 2015

Spartan Race Ohio Guest Recap

Guest OHventurer Chad at the Spartan Race Ohio

On May 30, 2015, Chad Macek represented Team OHventures in the 2015 Spartan Race Ohio! This was the second time the world-famous obstacle course has been to Ohio. The first time, if you recall, was in October 2014, when my brother Curt and I took the challenge and got our butts whipped!

This year, the Spartan Race changed from October to May, which is a huge upgrade, given that the harsh Ohio elements took a toll on its participants when it was in October (it was cold and hailing!). Unfortunately, I was personally not able to attend, due to my involvement with the AkRun & Crawl on the same day.

Chad - who is a seasoned Tough Mudder legionnaire - stepped up to the plate to compete in the Spartan Race on behalf of OHventures. He made his way to Cumberland in Guernsey County, and managed to finish not one, but TWO Spartan Race events in one weekend! Chad completed the Spartan Beast on Saturday (which was 13+ miles and 32 obstacles!), and the Spartan Sprint (which was 5.4 miles). The heat proved to be a minor problem (which was the exact opposite of what we experienced in October).

It was one hell of a weekend: long, exhausting, and successful! It is shaping up to be another great year of running through the mud.

Chad's Results:

05.31.2015OHIO SPARTAN SPRINT17569288501:27:59
05.30.2015OHIO SPARTAN BEAST128086781243:49:16

If you are interested in running a Spartan Race near you, check out the site to see where in the world the next one is taking place!

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