Saturday, June 6, 2015

Training For VeloSano

Photos by OHventures

When I heard about VeloSano earlier this year, I wasted no time in signing up to be part of the experience. I joined a team with 25 coworkers, including the CEO of the health system in which I work. The opportunity to be part of such a huge effort to raise funds for cancer research was something I just could not pass up.

This huge biking event will take place July 17-19, with a 12-mile fun ride, 25-mile fun ride, 50-mile Challenge, 100-mile Challenge, 179-mile Two-Day Ultimate Challenge, and a 207-mile Two-Day Ultimate Challenge.

Initially, I signed up for the 50-mile Challenge. But, the competitive bug got to me. The animal within me told me to do more. I needed to go big or go home. So, I made the decision to change the distance I would be biking from 50 miles to 100! 

Since I now will be pedaling in the 3-digits, I have had to up the ante on my training! There were a few things I needed to do to ensure I was prepared for such a gigantic endeavor:

1. Buy A Bike!: Well, this was a no-brainer. When I signed up I actually didn't even have a bike! So, I visited a local bike shop (Ernie's Bike Shop) who advised me on the perfect bike. I was willing to spend a good chunk of change, because I knew that I needed to make a good investment if I wanted a quality bike that would last me many miles and many years. I opted for the Trek 7.3 FX, which is a fitness bike perfect for the event that I would be doing.

2. Get A Helmet: A local health system was promoting safety and prevention of traumatic brain injuries by selling bike helmets in the lobby of its hospital. I purchased one immediately, knowing that riding a bike without a helmet is never advised.

3. Purchase Padded Shorts: Let's be honest - a bike seat is not the most comfortable. The solution to the discomfort that comes from riding on that puny seat for so many miles are specialized padded shorts. I have a pair from Endura brand.

4. Get a Padded Bike Seat: Because those padded shorts don't completely fix the problem, and because you NEED to feel good if you're planning to ride for 5 hours straight (which is what I estimate), get a padded bike seat!

5. Hydrate With A CamelBak: My CamelBak backpack has been a total game changer! You don't have to mess around with fumbling water bottles to get your necessary hydration while on the road. Instead, you just suck the water out of the backpack like a straw and keep your eye on the prize!

6. Start Riding!: Now that I have all of the necessary basics for my 100-mile bike ride, I have to train, train, train! I hit the road (keeping in mind the rules of the road thanks to Street Smarts), keeping track of my distance thanks to the RunKeeper app (which also has a cycling mode). 

7. Get Those Donations!!: Donations from family, friends, and coworkers are what keep me going while I train. I need to raise $1500 (and as of writing this post, I only have $300!) in order to meet my fundraising requirement for the 100-mile ride. I need your help to raise money for the cause. Any amount, big or small, from $5 to $25 to $100 to even more would be so much appreciated!

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