Sunday, January 3, 2016

Adopting Wine From "It's Your Winery"

Photos by OHventures

1484 Medina Road Suite 113
Medina, OH 44256
(330) 784-9463

For me, being a wine enthusiast means not only tasting and drinking different varieties of wines from various Ohio wineries, it also means making wine, which I do on an annual basis to give out as holiday gifts.

Instead of buying tons of equipment to make my wine at home (which I don't really have the money or space for), I have found a couple of great wineries in Ohio that allow you to use their equipment and ingredients to make your own batch!

In the past, I had gone to Camelot Cellars in Short North in Columbus to make and adopt wine (read about my 2012 wine making experience, and my 2014 wine adoption experience). However, for my 4th annual wine gifting, I switched to a place that is located closer to home in Northeast Ohio.

It's Your Winery is located in Medina County, in the City of Medina. It's found in a large plaza off of State Route 18. It has a small tasting room and retail area, and an enormous area for wine production! 

It's Your Winery is named as such because it specializes specifically in offering patrons the unique experience of using state-of-the-art equipment to produce their own wine to take home with them in small batch form (30 bottles for a full case, or 15 bottles for a half case). There are over 50 varieties of wine to choose from! 

The winemaking process at It's Your Winery takes up to 10 weeks. You first come in to choose the wine you want to make, then begin the process with step-by-step instructions from knowledgeable staff. You come back in several weeks when the fermentation process has completed. This is when you bottle, cork, cap, and label the wine (with your own personalized labels)!

If you're like me and you are strapped for time, you also have the option to adopt wine. This is wine that has already fermented, but needs bottled, corked, capped, and labeled! If you go this route, you do limit yourself on the varieties you can get. 

When I went, it was shortly before Christmas, so I had no choice but to adopt rather than make the wine from start to finish. I was looking to make a sweet fruit red wine, in order to go with my ongoing theme (2012 was dry red, 2013 was dry white, 2014 was a blush wine).

Luckily, It's Your Winery has a HUGE selection of fruit wines. Everything from a cherry/peach sangria to a cranberry wine to a  raspberry wine. There was even a watermelon wine, which was the first time I had ever heard that! I opted for the Pomegranate Zinfandel, a very sweet yet very tasty wine with just 7% alcohol - a crowd pleaser, even for those who aren't typically wine fans (it basically tastes like juice with a tiny kick).

The process was fun, quick, and exciting. I even met some new pals there, Bobbie and Amy, who are also bloggers and who watched while I put everything together (their favorite part I think was watching the caps melt onto the bottle)! The owner had us sample a couple of other wines while I put everything together! It was fun designing my own label as well (although I couldn't use my own mime drawings like I had done in the past, I was able to find a nice wine-stain design).

Over the last couple of weeks during Christmas and New Years, I gifted 15 bottles of wine to some select friends and family! I am excited to hear feedback on how they liked this year's wine, and I am looking forward to returning to It's Your Winery to make some more!

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