Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Trapped! Escape Room Cleveland

Photos by OHventures

Trapped! Escape Room Cleveland
1796 Coventry Road
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
(216) 309-1796

Trapped! Escape Room Cleveland is part of one of the newest crazes to come our way: small themed rooms where a group of individuals are locked inside and tasked with solving puzzles in order to escape! As a fan of mysteries and games of logic, I was all about getting friends together to try it out for ourselves.

We put our thinking caps on and traveled to Cleveland Heights on a snowy Sunday evening this January. We had previously booked our Escape Room experience for a group of 8 friends (which is the maximum amount of people who can take part in a single booking). There were 4 themed rooms to choose from: The Cell, Pirate Tavern, Apocalypse: The Beginning, and Chainsaw.

Our choice was The Cell, which, as it sounds, is a prison you need to escape by making your way out of a barred cell, and into the warden's office. We first watched an informative video that taught us what we needed to know, including the backstory and the goal at hand. The person working at Trapped! told us how we would be able to ask for clues if we were in a pickle. She said that she would be monitoring us as we went through the room, and if she noticed we were getting entirely off track or stumped, she would offer a clue on her own as well.

Waiting in the lobby before our experience.

The 8 of us (myself, Zac, Kyla, Ryan, Ben, Emily, Erica, and Paul) were stripped of our smart phones, and we were "locked" in the cell (they can't technically by law lock us in the room). We had exactly 1 hour to get out. A countdown clock was displayed so we knew how much time we had left.

I obviously would not want to spoil any more of the experience to anyone that is reading. The experience was incredibly fun and challenging! We actually did not make it out in the time allotted. However, we were SO very close, as we had one final two-digit number to figure out on our combination lock, and we were able to figure it out just a couple minutes after time expired.

Some tips that you will need to know when doing this or any escape room

  • Don't waste ANY time, as you will need ALL the time you are given. Had we not spent so much time in the cell, we would have had those precious seconds needed in the warden's office.
  • Divide and conquer! Split up and start uncovering clues and solving puzzles in pairs or smaller groups. It would be impossible to do it all yourself, so take value in having lots of people.
  • Communicate! Be sure to share all information or items that you find with the rest of the group. Make sure everyone knows. One of our group members found a key item but did not let anyone know (because no one had let him know it was such a  key item). Sharing everything is important as to avoid confusion.
  • Think outside the box. Definitely get your creative juices flowing so you can think of any and all possibilities that might exist to solve clues or find items.
  • Do your homework. It might not hurt to refresh your memory of some of your long lost book smarts from high school, like US history or geography. For us, it was particularly helpful for us to conjure up our algebra skills.
The group after we failed the mission!

The prison cell was certainly a fun theme, as it reminded us of The Shawshank Redemption and Escape From Alcatraz! It was great how elaborately the room was set up, complete with real steel bars in the prison cell, and a nice electric chair (a fake one of course).

We are now addicted to escape rooms and we are eager to return and attempt the other 3 themed rooms at Trapped! Cleveland!

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