Thursday, July 7, 2016

Pine Bokeh Photography

Photos by Pine Bokeh Photography

Hiking and dogs - two of my all time favorite things. Particularly, hiking at Brandywine Falls with my very own rescue dog, Slider. I rescued this little guy in 2012, and we've been on countless adventures together. Don't let his little size fool you. He keeps up, and he has a larger than life personality; a personality that is worthy to be captured in a series of photos!

My former co-worker Britney recently started her own photography business, Pine Bokeh Photography, and said she really wanted to get some pet portraits of my little guy! Of course, I obliged, because (next to dogs and hiking) another one of my favorite things is photography. I am a firm believer that life should be captured on film as much as possible (I even get picked on it for how many pics I take)! 

As Ansel Adams says, "You don't take a photograph, you make it." So that's just what we did! We went off to take photos with a field, and with the waterfalls as a backdrop. Pine Bokeh is named as such because of their use of the "bokeh" technique in photography (a blurred effect of sorts). I think that Britney and her business partner Jess did a fantastic job.

Here are a few samples of photos taken this summer! Go out there and explore, but take a camera along with you! After all, a camera is like a "save" button for your memories!

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