Thursday, July 28, 2016

Stroll Through Dave Grohl Alley

Photos by OHventures

Surprising to many might be the fact that drummer and vocalist Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Nirvana fame hails from the mid-sized town of Warren, Ohio. Surprising to even more people might be the fact that I, for a short period of my youth, was a fan of both of those bands, and therefore a fan of Dave Grohl!

Nothing is more surprising, however, than the fact that the town of Warren has an alleyway solely dedicated to its famous native. As the story goes, a police officer felt that a rundown alley in downtown Warren needed a facelift. So, he decided to clean it up and dedicate it to Dave Grohl as a way to motivate and inspire the youth of the Rust Belt town. 

Dave Grohl Alley officially opened as a roadside attraction in August 2009, with Dave Grohl himself showing up to the dedication. Added to the alley in 2013 were the "World's Largest Drumsticks" (pictured below), which were hand carved, and put Warren on the map in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Stopping by the alley recently was a really cool experience, seeing many pieces of art modeled after Dave Grohl and his music. Take a detour when you're in the area to see it for yourself, especially if you're a music fan. If you need suggestions for other things to do while in town, grab some grub at Cockeye BBQ, gander at the historic Trumbull County Courthouse, and drive up the road to see a Lunar Module in honor of Neil Armstrong!

(if you want to visit, just type "Dave Grohl Alley" in Google Maps!)

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