Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hofbräuhaus Cleveland 5K Recap

Photos by OHventures

Hofbräuhaus Cleveland
1550 Chester Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44114
216-621-BEER (2337)

When a friend calls you up and asks you to go and run a 5K race with him on a whim, DO IT! My schedule was clear today (August 7), and my buddy Matt asked if I wanted join him, his wife, and their friend Diane, up in Cleveland for the Hofbräuhaus 5K. He must know me well enough to figure I would say "yes"!

For those that do not know, the Hofbrauhaus is a chain of  drinking & eating establishments that specialize in German cuisine and BIER! There are 3 locations in Ohio (Columbus, Cincinnati, and of course Cleveland), and are decorated to make you feel like you're in Germany - long tables, long benches, and high ceilings!

The run (which also offered a 10K option) would start and end at the Hofbrauhaus near downtown Cleveland, and rewarded you with a bratwurst sandwich, a stein of beer (which you got to keep as a memento once you were finished), a dri-fit t-shirt, and a medal! What more could you want?

Thankfully the heat was bearable (it has been one HOT summer), and the course was pretty much flat the whole way. My only problem was the blisters on my feet from training for my half marathons this fall were bothersome during the run. This led to just under a 9 minute pace, with a finish time of 27:03. Not my best, but not my WURST (pun totally intended).

We all reunited at the Hofbrauhaus to revel in our accomplishments, and to feast on our spoils! Polka bands were serenading the crowd - a perfect added touch.

Instead of waiting until next year's 5K race (especially if running is not your thing), be sure to grab some lunch or dinner at one of the 3 Hofbrauhaus locations in Ohio. It's as close to an authentic German experience as you can get in Ohio!


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