Monday, August 29, 2016

Warrior Dash Ohio II Recap - By The Numbers

Photos by OHventures and Gameface Media

Since I have run the Warrior Dash for 6 years in a row, and I have blogged about it every time, I thought I would change things up in my post this year to make it more fun! 

6 - Number of years that I have run the Warrior Dash
And it never gets old!

11 - Number of runners in our #WarriorFam this year
Some seasoned vets like myself, some who had done it a couple times before like my friends Erik, Ryan, and Stacey; and some who had never done it before at all!

3 - Number of generations running from my family!
How cool is that? My mom, dad, niece, and aunt joined my brother, sister-in-law, and me. That makes 3 generations of Evans family conquering the course!

13 - Age of the youngest warrior in our group
That's right! My 13 year old niece joined us this year. I was especially proud of her for conquering her fears. She had some trouble on the heights obstacles, but she never gave up.

62 - Age of the oldest warrior in our group
That would be my Aunt Patty! She kept up with us the whole time (even though we didn't "dash" the whole way). 

3.2 - Number of miles in this year's course!
Surprisingly, it wasn't even that muddy, even though it had been raining that week. We ran up the hills and just took our time so we enjoyed ourselves and stuck together. There I am running and jumping over the famous fire obstacle near the end of the course!

12 - Number of obstacles in this year's course
Some old favorites (like Alcatraz and the Trenches), and some new surprises, too (like Risky Business, a slippery balance beam, pictured above with Stacey).

4 - Number of Shock Top Twisted Pretzel beers I had after the run!
This stuff is so tasty. I can't say enough good stuff about it. It's hard to find in stores, so we took advantage of the finish line beer tent!

  5 - Number of hours we spent having fun at the event
We could have stayed all day, with all the shenanigans on site. Warrior Dash is more than just the course - it's an entire experience. There's music, food, drinks, photo ops, and other fun things to do, like these practice rings my dad and I are doing. 

0 - Number of f*cks given
No amount of mud, sweat and tears will keep us from making a fool of ourselves every year at the Warrior Dash. Some people don't quite understand why we would pay to get dirty from head to toe and put ourselves through physical challenges. We do it to create memories and to have a blast with thousands of others who are part of the Warrior Nation. You can't take yourself too seriously at the Warrior Dash. It's a muddy obstacle race like none other, and if you haven't tried it, don't knock it! Instead, get out there and join us for some muddy fun!

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