Monday, December 5, 2016

Hiking Haunted Ohio

Moonville Tunnel - Photo Credit: Trek Ohio

The following is a post written especially for OHventures by freelance tourism writer Jenny Holt!

Ohio is a state that has ghostly stories around nearly every corner. Haunted locations and tours abound. Here’s a little taste of dark and creepy adventures for you to take when visiting the Buckeye State.

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

Ghosts In Nature
Punderson State Park in Newbury, Ohio is lively enough during the day, offering fishing and other outdoor activities. At night, the liveliness continues. People who have hiked the grounds have reported spotting the ghosts of people who died in the lake.

There’s also a popular lodge on the lake that reportedly has several spirits in residence. Guests have claimed to see the ghosts of long dead servants around the grounds and some who have spent the night have reported invisible visitors taking a seat on the edge of their beds.

Dark Road
Staley Road in New Carlisle, Ohio has been drawing reports of ghostly nuisances ever since two bodies were found in the surrounding woods back in the 1970s. People have reported being pushed by invisible forces. They also have claimed to hear chanting coming from the woods, though nobody can be seen through the trees.

Up the road is the old flour mill built in the 1800s. Rumor has it that the owner went on a killing spree in 1905. The apparition of someone lying in the road has been seen and phantom gunshots have been heard near the old building.

Moonville Tunnel - Photo Credit: Trek Ohio

Tragic Landmark
The Moonville Tunnel in Zaleski, Ohio has a dangerous history. The tunnel was built just big enough for one train track to pass through it. This made it very dangerous for men whose job it was to keep the track clear of debris. People have reported seeing a mysterious light in the tunnel, thought to be the ghostly lantern of an engineer who was struck by a train.

There have been many deaths reported near the tunnel including a teen-aged girl who was hit by a train. People have reported hearing her crying as she searches for the boyfriend she was trying to meet up with.

Ohio has many haunted locations including several that can be found by hiking through the dark woods and down long, windy roads. Are the accounts of ghostly specters real, or are they just stories? The only way to be sure is to take a road trip and become part of the state’s haunted history.

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