Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Spartan Race & Marriott Rewards Team Up

Photos by OHventures

[Editor's Note: Make it to the end of this entry for details on how to win a FREE Spartan Race entry!]

The Spartan Race is more than an obstacle race, it's a revolution! It's a movement! It's a life-changing challenge that you just HAVE to see for yourself. I first stuck my toes into the Spartan Race waters back in October 2014, where I experienced a mud-covered, hail-filled, helluva Spartan Super course (11 miles) that left me and my brother sore, exhausted, and filled with an sense of accomplishment! 

I came back for more in May of 2016 with my friends Matt and Anthony for another extreme challenge, complete with javelin throws, sandbag carries, rope climbs, and - of course - burpees, all during a shorter (6 mile) Spartan Sprint

Now that we have caught the Spartan bug, we are eager to try our hand at the Spartan Beast - a course that can last up to 16 miles! But, until then, I can proudly look at my two two Spartan medals with pride, as they definitely took quite a bit of grit, strength, and determination to be earned!

After both of these crazy experiences, nothing would have been better than to have a nearby hotel to stay in. Rather than driving three hours home to Northeast Ohio, booking a night at a hotel would truly have made it that much sweeter of an experience. 

Thankfully, accommodations at the Spartan Race can be made that much simpler, because Marriott Rewards is now the official Hotel Partner for Spartan Race. Because of this new partnership, Marriott Rewards has an exclusive offer to people who join their loyalty program - 20% off races, free VIP bag check and $5 off Spartan gear at the races. Once enrolled, points are earned when you stay at any 4,500 participating hotels around the world.

Sound like a good plan? I sure thought so! All the info about this partnership and how you can sign up for the loyalty program is here: Marriott Rewards & Spartan Race Team Up.

It's perfect timing, because the Spartan Race Ohio 2017 is coming the weekend of May 20-21, once again in Cumberland. 

To sweeten the deal, as we always do, OHventures is offering you a chance to win a FREE entry to any upcoming Spartan Race in 2017 (of course we would love for you to pick the one in Ohio, but this entry will be good for any location in the United States). 

Here's how: just go on Twitter and Tweet to @OHventures between now and Cinco De Mayo (May 5, 2017) with the hashtag #SpartanUpOH and a reason why you want to tackle this challenge! Everyone who does this will be entered to win a free entry and will be contacted via Twitter the following day at Noon! 

Spartan Up! AROO!

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