Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace

Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace
248 South 4th Street
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 824-4673

I love novelty restaurants, and Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace is the epitome of novelty. It's not a tacky kind of novelty, but a breath of fresh air to the downtown Columbus scene. It's located on 4th Avenue, where most other storefronts are vacant or dingy. Dirty Frank's boasts a bright yellow awning that begs you to come inside. It gives the area hope for a new vibrant nightlife (hey, it is open until 2AM, after all).

The hot dog joint has creative combos you'd never think to cook up back home. Or if you have, it has catchy quirky names to refer to them by. For instance, Laura's Pittsburgh Princess (french fries, coleslaw, and vinegar ON the hot dog), Zippity Zam (sriracha cream cheese with roasted red peppers), or one of my favorites, the Classy Lady (crumbled potato chips and cheddar cheese).

For the unadventurous type, you could have a "Your Weiner" with any of your own toppings, or a "Glenn Beck" which is billed as "just a plain old weiner."

Another one of my all time favorites that I'd highly suggest to any visitor is Puff the Magic Popper (jalepenos, bacon, and cheddar cream cheese). I suggest getting fried leeks on the side, as they are a rare treat that I have only come to find at Dirty Frank's (a tastier, more adult version of onion rings). There are plenty of other fun sides to play around with as well, including tator tots (add bacon and cheese) and macaroni and cheese (make it a meal with the freakish hot dog octopus).

The hot dogs are a nice size (jumbo is available also) so you can usually get 2 different dogs for a perfect size meal. Vegetarian and vegan dogs also can be subsituted so that non-meat eaters can also enjoy the ridiculously tasty treats.

As if the place couldn't get any more fun, alcohol is served at all times. Add some liquor to a slush (I suggest cherry slush with whiskey) for a refreshing and different kind of cocktail, or grab some local beers such as Columbus Pale Ale. The addition of RC Cola and PBR on the menu really put yet another grin on my face.

Dirty Frank's is affordable as can be, with most all hot dogs costing $3 and sides just around the same. You could stuff yourself easily for $10.

While I have never been to Dirty Frank's during these times, they do offer karaoke Monday nights from 9 to 1, and "Comedy with Relish" on Sunday nights from 9:30 to 11. Specials run throughout the week as well.

The only problem with Dirty Frank's is its size. For a "palace" it is rather tiny. It does give it a quaint feeling...but perhaps too quaint. With its growing popularity, it can be a bit cramped. The plus side is, you have plenty of fun things to look at, as it has a pretty wacky decor.

If you go to Dirty Frank's, I guarantee it will become a regular hangout for you.

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