Sunday, February 5, 2017

Polar Blast Snow Tubing

Photos by OHventures

In winter months, the Boston Mills/Brandywine Ski Resort (or BMBW for short) located in the northern Summit County town of Peninsula is a fine getaway for those looking for some snowy adventures. BMBW conjures up great memories for me, as I began coming here every wintry Thursday evening as part of my high school's official Ski Club. We hopped on an old yellow bus and drove an hour and a half to what at the time seemed to be enormous eskers. It was then that I learned everything I really needed to know about skiing - from how to walk (more like waddle) in the skis, how and when to utilize the poles, and of course how to zip down the slopes with the greatest of ease. Even though I have been skiing there for nearly 20 years, this weekend was my first-ever trip to the resort's Polar Blast Snow Tubing attraction - and what a BLAST it was!

Snow tubing is the perfect winter activity, as it requires minimal (nearly zero) skill, and is something in which people of most any age can easily participate! All it requires is an inner tube filled with air and a large snow-covered hill - both of which Polar Blast provides for you at a very reasonable cost ($25 for 3 hours or $59 for an all-day pass). The Polar Blast hills are specifically used for snow tubing, so you won't have to worry about sharing the hillside with skiers and snowboarders!

Ohio's Tallest & Fastest Toboggan Chutes

Photo by OHventures

These giant toboggan chutes can be found at Mill Stream Run Reservation, one of the Cleveland Metroparks located in Strongsville. The chutes are 700 feet long, with a 70-foot tall drop at a 33-degree angle. You can travel down the chutes as fast as 50 miles per hour! There are many factors that can contribute to how fast you go, including the number of people on your toboggan (you can have up to four riders per toboggan), the weight of your riders (plus the weight of the toboggan, which is 37 pounds), the current humidity, and the current temperature.

Two 20-inch-wide chutes are side-by-side on tracks that are refrigerated with a cooling unit and a pump. We learned from facts that were posted at the site that the pump carries cooled diethylene glycol through an underground piping system to the chutes. The diethylene glycol chills the concrete and allows the water on the surface to freeze. This is what allows riders to glide safely and quickly down the hill!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Godspeed, John Glenn

Photo by OHventures

John Glenn
July 18, 1921 - December 8, 2016

It seemed as if we lost more celebrities than usual in 2016 - icons like David Bowie, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, Mohammed Ali, Prince, and Debbie Reynolds. But there was one legend we lost in 2016 that stands out as being one of America's last true heroes: John Glenn.

I had the great honor and privilege of meeting the esteemed John Glenn a few years back. At 95 years old, Glenn had most certainly led an amazing career and life. He was an American hero, as in 1962 he became the very first American to orbit the Earth (and the third American in space). He also became the oldest person to ever fly in space in 1998 at the age of 77. He represented Ohio in the United States Senate from 1974-1999 and served in the United States Navy and Marines from 1941-1965. In 1998, he helped found the John Glenn School of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University. He was married to the wonderful Annie Glenn since 1943 (a lovely lady, whom I also had the honor to meet).

Upon his death, John Glenn became the 9th person whose body laid in state at the Ohio Statehouse since it opened int he 1850s (the others before him include Abraham Lincoln and former Ohio governors). It was a celestial ceremony as he took off on his "final mission."

From his birth in Cambridge, Ohio to his journeys in Outer Space to his time in Washington, DC and his continued service in Columbus at OSU, John Glenn was a true OHventurer in every form of the word. I am so humbled to have met him, and we should all be so honored to have had him lead so many frontiers in his long, illustrious life. 

Godspeed, John Glenn.