Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Come Parasail Away!

Me with my friend Anna parasailing in 2008.

Parasailing: It's the happy medium between the ultra-extreme skydiving and the ultra-lowkey sailing. It's getting towed behind a motorboat while attached to a long cord and hanging from a specialized parachute. It's really an exhilerating activity that's both low risk and relatively low cost.

On a clear day, when winds are calm enough (yet not too calm), parasailing companies operate all over the world, including on Lake Erie. Some offer just one person, but more powerful boats can offer rides for two or three people. Going with someone makes the ride all the more fun, so you have someone to talk to while you're up there in the air.

There is not much to be afraid of when parasailing, if you ask me. We had a "dry takeoff' meaning, we got in the boat and got far enough into the water. We then stopped, made our way to the back of the boat, and got strapped in. Once the boat sped up, the parachute slowly lifted us into the air where it felt like we were just calmly floating by. There was little to no "skill" involved! It felt as if you were hanging in a swing way above the water looking down at the sights. It was a great view!

The driver of the boat of course wanted to have a little fun with us and lowered, or "dipped," us into the water at one point, which was pretty funny. Otherwise it would have been completely dry. When you're up in the air, it's a perfect place to get a tan AND a nice breeze at the same time. After having went skydiving, I must say parasailing was pretty darn tame, but it was very liberating and I am very happy to have done it!

Throw this on your bucket list and be sure to head to the lake to do it! If the company offers pictures, get 'em!

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