Monday, August 1, 2011

Scioto Mile

Photo by OHventures

233 Civic Center Dr
Columbus, OH 43215

I'm in love. The brand new Scioto Mile has been unveiled in downtown Columbus and it has me smiling from ear to ear. It is literally a mile of "greenspace" in the otherwise concrete chaos of downtown that runs along the Scioto River. It links together Bicentennial Park, North Bank Park, and Batelle Park so that they are essentially all a part of one ultra  mega park! This also means that part of the Olentangy Greenway runs through the Scioto Mile, so runners, bicyclists and power walkers alike can be found getting their cardio on by the mighty Scioto.

It's obvious that a ton of money was put into this promising park. Funding was provided on the local, state, national, and corporate levels! It completely has transformed the riverfront to accommodate not only health-conscious folks, but an array of other demographics. The area screams "date night," with its romantic and relaxing swinging iron benches, intricate statues and floral arrangements, and grassy knolls ideal for picnics and stargazing.

The Scioto Mile also has a large following of individuals who utilize the table and chairs for chess competitions; something you'd commonly find in New York City's Central Park. Additionally, a brand new cafe called Milestone 229 has sprung up right in the middle of the action that provides great lunch and dinner options, as well as filling your coffee fix. A beautiful stage overlooking the water has been added as well which is used for live music and family outdoor movie nights! History buffs can make their way to the Santa Maria ship, which is not new to the area, but by default has now been linked to the Scioto Mile!

In the hub of it all, however, is the most exciting and unique feature of all: the "splash park"! Enormous "misting halos" and a plethora of water fountains create hours of fun for kids and adults alike! SUVs full of families, both tourists and locals, pull up to cool off at the splash park! It truly is an absolute treat to have such an amenity so accessible and free for the public!

You can spend a whole day at the park, and in doing so, will surely be inspired to visit nearby attractions downtown such as The Center of Science & Industry (COSI), The Statehouse, and the Supreme Court Building!

Quick Park Specs: Running, Biking, Live Music, Water Park, Cafe, Gardens, Picnic Tables, Riverfront

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