Monday, October 17, 2011

The Candle Lab

Photo by OHventures

The Candle Lab is a great indoor and fun way to get your creative juices flowing in Central Ohio. Various locations including Grandview, Worthington, Powell, and Short North can be found at their website.

I don't know why no one has thought of this before? A place to mix and match different scented oils to create your very own personalized candle?! It's a genius idea! And with 120 scents for you to experiment with, The Candle Lab will have your head spinning!
The Candle Lab is perfect for gifts. Guys can really impress their moms or wives or girlfriends by walking in and throwing together a couple of scents. It adds the perfect personal touch. And girls can do the same for guys...everyone likes things to smell good! You can go the flowery route (lavender, sunflower, magnolia, etc.), sugary-desserty route (graham cracker, marshmallow, whipped cream, etc.), fruity route (yuzu, fig, grapefruit, etc.), spicy route (rosemary, basil, clove, etc.) or the bizarre route (cannibis, campfire, tomato leaf).
After picking your candle shape/size, you pick up to three oils for a candle, and divvy up each one at the "lab" for however intense you want each scent to be. Then, you stir it together and the clerk will take it from there. It will be heated, which takes about an hour to an hour and a half. You can also bring in empty glass bowls/dishes/vases/jars to use and they will charge you by the ounce (great added feature).
While waiting, you make the label for the candle as well. They have a collection of crayons, markers and art supplies to get creative with. If you're candle isn't done by then, you can leave and explore the area a bit before coming back.
I have made many candles for Christmas gifts and for my own personal use. I have come up with some pretty fun and interesting pours. Here are a few of my mixes:
  • rosemary, orange zest and yuzu;
  • pine needle, clove and wild currant
  • campfire, teakwood and autumn leaves
  • cucumber, sweet corn and tomato leaf
  • pear, sandalwood and cannibis
  • lemongrass, muscadine and verbena
  • cinnamon stick, tupelo honey and apples
  • whipped cream, coffee and chocolate
  • mint leaf, green tea and goji berry
  • basmati rice, bamboo and wasabi
  • morning dew, fresh linen and summer lawn
While there is a $10 lifetime membership fee, the $10 fee does have a few perks! If you want to just come in and buy a candle (not make a candle), they are normally $15. As a member, they are $11. There seems to be a couple of perks along these lines.
The only two thing that I would suggest for the Candle Lab is for there to be color candles. The candles are all white. You'd think you'd be able to add dye to choose what color you want the wax?
Other than that, GREAT staff, GREAT concept, GREAT scents, and GREAT fun!

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