Thursday, April 26, 2012

Writers Talk Video

As I previously posted, I had the distinct honor and privilege to appear as a guest on Ohio State University's "Writers Talk," a talk show dedicated to discussing all things writing. The show is put on by the OSU Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing (CSTW) and since I am an alumnus of OSU, I was extremely excited to appear on the show to discuss web writing with fellow blogger Nicholas Dekkar of the popular Ohio blog, Breakfast With Nick

The interview aired on the radio, and since my last post about Writers Talk, it has been posted on YouTube! I get a bit lengthy and chatty with some of my responses, but I was a bit nervous - it was my first ever recorded interview, after all!

Thanks again to Doug Dangler, Shantay Piazza, and Chad Weiss for the opportunity for me to appear on Writers Talk and share OHventures with their viewers!

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