Thursday, November 29, 2012

Field of Giant Corn Ears

Photo by OHventures
Field of Giant Corn Ears
4995 Rings Road
Dublin, OH 43065

File this one under "bizarre." A giant field of corn ears made out of concrete can be randomly found in the City of Dublin in northern Franklin County. I had "heard" about this peculiar lawn full of human-sized corn for many years, but only recently made the trek to see it for myself. What I found was that seeing these veggies in person was even more intriguing than I thought it would be!
109 gray, stone corn ears seemingly sprout from the ground, lined neatly in rows. All I could think of was how much of a pain in the ass it would have to be to mow the grass here! I also kept scratching my head trying to figure it all out!
The sculptures were installed in 1994 and were created for the Dublin Arts Council by an artist named Malcom Cochran. It is said that the purpose for the piece is to make a statement about how the area was transitioning from being rural and agricultural to more suburban and industrial. The man who originally owned the land was the inventor of hybridized corn, but now the site is right across the street from a Nationwide Insurance building. More history about the area can be read about on plaques throughout the "park."
The shucked cement corn is definitely worth a visit as it can serve as a great conversation piece and something you can do "just to say you did." It's also a really funny photo op, which goes without being said. It serves as a great reminder of the rich farming and agricultural history of Dublin and a very humorous sight all in one!

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