Monday, December 31, 2012

Best of 2012

It was a busy year here at OHventures! With over 100 posts, we hiked, biked, ran, ate, and trampolined all over the Buckeye State! Here are the Top 10 Hottest OHventures tackled in 2012. It was a tough list to compile, as there was so much going on, but we think this list truly encapsulates the best of the best.
1.       Winemaking Part I & II: This summer and fall, I handcrafted my very own wine at Camelot Cellars Urban Boutique Winery. I gave out 13 bottles to some pretty awesome people in my life this Christmas and shared with them the winemaking blog posts to see where their gift came from. If you want to make your own wine too, check it out!

2.       Dog Days of Summer: On May 23, 2012, I adopted my “pride and joy” from the Franklin County Animal Shelter. His name was Slider, and he is a 2-year-old Chihuahua. Since then, we have been on hikes, participated in 5Ks, visited dog parks, and even hung out at wineries! OHventures will never be the same with Slider around!

3.       Capital City Half Marathon Recap: You’ve probably heard it a billion times by now (even if you’re only a casual reader), but in 2012, I ran my first half marathon. Read about it here!

4.       Skiing In Northeast Ohio: One of my favorite things ever is skiing, and it all started for me at Boston Mills & Brandywine Ski Resorts near Cleveland! This is a must for anyone’s Buckeye Bucket List, so make it happen!

5.       Bexa Body Fitness: In the midst of my P90X workouts (from January to April), I spiced up my routine by going to different gyms and trying different regimens! Bexa Body Fitness was my FAVORITE. The staff is great, the boot camp is grueling, and the piloxing is – interesting to say the least!

6.       STOMP Bike Ride: I also bought a bike this year and put it to good use by riding in the STOMP Bike Ride in Summit County! I am hoping to make 2013 “The Year Of The Bike”!

7.       Columbus Food Adventures: My mouth still waters thinking back to this awesome day when I went on a Taco Truck Tour in Columbus courtesy of the Columbus Food Adventures. If you haven’t done this yet, your tastebuds are missing out!

8.       Carew Tower: You will never look at Cincinnati the same way once you view it from atop one of its tallest skyscrapers, the Carew Tower. It was the highlight of my daytrip to Cincinnati.

9.       Clear Creek Metropark: Someone recently asked me where I would recommend they go on a nice winter hike and without hesitation I answered “Clear Creek Metropark.” It’s the best.

10.   Dedicated To My Brother: I had to include this on my list. It was the first time I had ever written about my late brother, Nick, and how he has influenced me to lead such an adventurous life!
I appreciate all of my readers for sticking with me in 2012. Here’s to a healthy, prosperous, and OHVENTUROUS 2013!

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