Monday, June 24, 2013

Run With The Pack 2013 Recap

Photos by OHventures

How many races have YOU run this year?

My 3-year old 9-pound chihuahua-mix just ran his 3rd 5K race in one year. If that's any more than you have run, then you had better throw out all of your excuses and step up your game! 

The 2013 Run With The Pack 5K took place on Saturday, June 15 at the Scioto Audubon Metro Park in Columbus. This was the 2nd year that I participated with my little canine companion, Slider, who has turned out to be quite the athlete, especially for being such a tiny dog (a vet friend of mine said he has "really great running form").

This "doggy 5K" was to benefit Pets Without Parents, an organization dedicated to finding homes for lost, abandoned, and/or stray shelter dogs. Being that my dog was a stray dog whom I rescued from the Franklin County Animal Shelter last year, I had an invested interest in this particular race. While most people who participated had their dogs with them, it was not a requirement. Many people ran pup-less as well, either because their dog was not able to run, or because they are not dog owners themselves (yet still support the cause).

While last year I knew no one who was running in this event, this year, I had a great deal of friends who also took part in the event. My friends Ryan (who attended the A&F Challenge) and Crystal ran with their dog Franklin, my friend Jim ran with his dog Levi, and my friend Matt ran with a "borrowed" dog Mamba. Being that they were all much larger dogs, they all out-performed Slider and me.

Jim & Levi
Unlike last year, I tried to not carry Slider very much and wanted to go completely at his pace. We FLEW during the first mile, as he grabbed the leash with his mouth and zoomed past all of my friends and couuntless others! I was huffing and puffing trying to keep up with the little guy. But, unfortunately, this meant that Slider gassed out pretty quickly, and our final time was pretty much 39 minutes on the dot (which pales in comparison to last year's 33 minutes).

Thankfully, there were water pit-stops along the way, which were very helpful for all of the dogs in the hot weather. I had a special hydration belt for backup, too, which I advise anyone bring if they are interested in doing a dog run this summer (official or unofficial).

After the race, we were able to peruse the various booths that were set up by the finish line. Everything from vets to pet photographers, and even the "Pet Butler" (who will take care of your poopy lawns!). We got a lot of freebies for both the dogs and ourselves, and we got to comingle with a bunch of other dogs and their owners. There were even kiddie pools full of water for the pups to jump in and cool off!

All in all, my 2nd year at the Run With The Pack 5K was a huge success and allowed my dog and I to bond and get in shape while helping a good cause.

Slider: Small But Mighty!

If you are interested in doing a "doggy 5K" in Ohio, see the upcoming events below:

- 5K Freedom Run & 1Mile Mutt Strut - Chagrin Falls (7/7/13)
- Darby Creek Trail Run 5K/10K Run/Walk - Galloway (7/13/13)
- Dirty Dog Run, Walk, or Wash - Avon Lake  (7/20/13)
- Defend Your Friend 5K - Columbus (8/1/13)
- Woodland Woof Walk - Dayton (8/3/13)
- Mentor Mutt Strut - Mentor (8/7/13)

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