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FLIP Darby Creek Trail Run Recap

Photos by Team OHventures

Last month on July 13, OHventures had the opportunity to partner with a local Columbus-based organization, FLIP Now, for its annual Darby Creek Trail Run 5K/10K. It was a perfect fit, as both OHventures and FLIP are devoted to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, and both are advocates for exploring the great outdoors in the state of Ohio. Additionally, FLIP encourages others to Fight, Live, Inspire, and Prevent (FLIP...get it?) cancer through special events, including races!

So when Carl Seiley from FLIP Now was interested in having a "Team OHventures" take part in its staple "inspire" event, the Darby Creek Trail Run, we were incredibly excited. This was the first opportunity to gather OHventures readers together to fight for a cause, get a cardiovascular workout through walking and running, and see a part of the state that none of us had been to before!

The best thing about the Flip Now Darby Creek Trail Run was that it offered a number of options to accommodate the different skill levels and interests of participants! The 10K and 5K courses were each completely separate from one another (aside from the start/finish line) and 5K participants had the option of being "walkers." On top of that, dogs were permitted in the race as well! Team OHventures had people participating in every option possible!

Me and My Family at the Darby Creek Trail Run!

Team OHventures (I love the sound of that) consisted of: Myself, My Mom (Kim), My Dad (Mark), my Aunt Patty, and my friends Matt, Ryan K., Ryan H., Emily, Beth, Rachel, Spenser, and Katie (Katie's husband Matt also came to take photos and give moral support). Those who did the 5K walk were: Mom, Dad, Patty, and Katie (with her dog Lilly); those who did the 5K run were: Matt, Ryan K. (with his dog Franklin), Ryan H., and Emily; and those who did the 10K run were Myself, Spenser and Rachel (with her dog Hunter). I was thrilled to have such a great turnout of folks who came to support the fight against cancer through FLIP, and to help support the blog as well!

The Batelle Darby Creek Metro Park is located in western Franklin County in the city of Galloway. The race began bright and early at 9:00 AM. We were all amped, as it was an absolutely gorgeous day, if not a little too hot. The gun sounded and we shot through the starting gate, splitting off almost immediately. Since I ran the 10K, I can only give a firsthand account of that course. However, I do know that the 5K course was mostly paved, and looped around a bison preserve. Unfortunately, I had reports that there were no bison to be seen on the morning of the race (save for on the photo on the fence)! The other runners and walkers did, however, let me know that it was a very pleasant and picturesque course on wide, flat terrain.
Rachel & Hunter

The 10K course, on the other hand, was not so flat and wide. It mostly weaved through a thick wooded area, and had gargantuan hills that were incredibly steep and incredibly long. They were so difficult that I decided to walk up the hills as not to "run out of gas" trying to slowly jog up the hill. Because it was so hot, I was extremely sweaty and extremely thirsty. I only wish there were more than just two water stops during the 6.2 mile course. I also wished there were mile markers so we could see how far we went. That kind of made it so we had to do it the old fashioned way and keep on running until you didn't have to anymore (which was kind of cool in a way).

Crossing that finish line, I was filled with lots of euphoria, as everyone from Team OHventures was there cheering me on, as well as Carl and others from FLIP Now. It was truly a fantastic experience.

Race results for our team were as follows:

5K Results:
Emily: 30:09.3
Ryan K.: 30:49.8
Matt C.: 31:23.2
Beth: 31:52.0
Ryan H.: 36:25.9
Katie: 47:21.6
Patty: 48:13.0
Mark: 48:15.7
Kim: 48:16.1

10K Results:
Spenser: 50:28.0
Mike: 1:03:37.3
Rachel: 1:09:56.8 

Everyone had AWESOME times. And, let's not forget the great performances by Lilly (with Katie), Franklin (with Ryan), and especially Hunter (with Rachel)! Running that far for those pups is the most impressive of all (Slider says congrats!)!

I was dripping with sweat but didn't have a care in the world! I learned that despite all of the excruciating hills, I absolutely LOVE trail runs. They beat running on shut-down city streets any day!

Most all of us headed to Bob Evans for breakfast (hey, it's an Ohio based company after all!) and then me and my family attend the official FLIP Now After Party located in Grandview at Fifth Avenue King. There, I saw my old pal Andrea, and more importantly, I discovered that Team OHventures won the prize for the LARGEST TEAM to participate. That is pretty awesome. We won a party for up to 50 friends at the new event space in Brewery District called "The Vue." The party can take place sometime between October and March. We will have an OHventures party and you'll all be invited!

Me & Andrea at the After Party

It was great to have all of us together doing something positive to help fight cancer and also to explore Ohio.

We had beautiful weather and great scenery, even though there were really tough hills on the 10K course and there were no bison to be seen on the 5K course!

Many thanks again to all participants!

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