Monday, October 13, 2014

Candy Stick Photography

Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.

Seeing Ohio (and the world) through adventuring over the years has been a wonderful journey. But it wouldn't be the same without having photos to document my travels and experiences. Oftentimes, photos are far more powerful than the written or spoken word. That's why I am a photo junkie, and I encourage everyone to bring a camera with them to capture memories, moments, and magic.

That said, I have enormous respect for those who have a passion for photography and make it their living. It's truly an artform that is essential in our lives. My friend Laurel is one of those artists, and she has established her own company, Candy Stick Photography, based out of the Akron-Canton area. Laurel's philosphy for taking great pictures is "less posing, more fun!" She loves taking pictures that show every day life and the love between family members and friends. 
Her and I went on a photo shoot for Candy Stick Photography, and while there were definitely some poses in the mix, she was able to capture the passion I have for adventure with one of my favorite spots - Portage Lakes - as the backdrop. Take some time to browse through these pics and be sure to check out Candy Stick Photography for yourself!

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