Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Goodale Park

Photos by OHventures

Goodale Park
120 West Goodale Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Oh, Goodale Park, why are you so good to me? This is my favorite park in all of Columbus...plain and simple.

I admit, that this probably has a lot to do with Goodale Park being so close to where I live...but ACTUALLY I probably chose to live where I do because of how close it is to Goodale Park!

I first came to Goodale Park for the infamous "Community Festival" or "ComFest" held every summer. This is an event that is not for the faint of heart...but for someone like me, ComFest's free-spiritedness, jam bands, patchouli, booze, food vendors, and body paint made me warm and fuzzy on the inside. ComFest this year is June 24-26, 2011.

But ComFest is just one weekend a year (at the end of June) and does not represent Goodale Park as a whole. Goodale Park is sandwiched between the Short North, Victorian Village, Harrison West, and Park Street bars. I usually walk through going from one neighborhood to the next, or when coming to/from Park Street bars.

Goodale Park is perfect for running...which you can witness on any given sunny day. The park has a perimeter of approximately 1 mile, so you can easily keep track of how far you've run. There's also a kickball/softball diamond, tennis courts and playgrounds.

A small pond with a majestic fountain can be found in the northeast corner of the park and is perfect for feeding ducks, sitting and reading, or having a picnic with a loved one. There is also a gorgeous white gazebo right next to the pond. People often bring their dogs here to run around off their leashes, so be prepared for that.

There is also a small building hidden within the center of the park where people hold meetings and special events. And, several other events are held here in the park each year including Red, White and Boom (there's a nice view of downtown from the park).

You owe it to yourself to visit my favorite park in the city of Columbus!

Quick Park Specs: Tennis, Running, Kickball, Festivals, Dog Park, Pond, Gazebo, Playground

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