Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Race Thank Yous

Now that the Capital City Half Marathon is complete, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of those who donated or helped along the way during this journey!


To my Family: Mom & Dad, Curt & Regina, Aunt Patty, Grandma & Grandpa, Grandma, Cousin Alison, Cousin Jacob, Aunt Carol & Uncle Denny, and Aunt Karen & Uncle Ray.

To my Fraternity Brothers: Matt S., Matt C., Richard, Talal, Andrew, Ben, and Jared

To my Capital Square Co-Workers: Abe, Megan, Bevan, Jason, Bridgette, Alex, Erin, Stephanie, and Ron

To my Supporters in NE Ohio: Ryan, Emily, Oleta & Jeff, Ron & Norma, Patti & Dan, Judy, Aaron, Janis, Natalie, George, Cyndi and Carrie.

To my OSU friends: Jenny, Steve, Kelly, Maria, Kate, Faye, Anna, Beth, Peter, Ali & Derek, and Vadim.

To Lauren Curl and all of her extended family: Clara, Christina, Craig, Anthony & Betty, Marlene, Tina, and Carlo & Jean

and last but not least, to Kristen, who is the one who inspired and encouraged me to enter the race back in January!! I wouldn't and couldn't have done it without her!


I also want to thank Meghan of American Cancer Society for all of her help and hard work organizing the events for our team, and helping handle donations.

My "cheering" section: Joe, Deanna, Butters, Cribb, Ali, Ryan, Bear, and Nathan.

And my fellow friends who ran: Christina, Joe, Spenser, Lyndsey, Faye, Beth, Matt, and Jason.

This was a great experience that was even greater because of all of the people I've listed! Can't wait until next time!

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