Sunday, June 3, 2012

5 Ways To Cool Off In Ohio

Photo by OHventures

It's June and I can feel the temperatures rising! Ohio has been having an exceptionally HOT summer this year...and it's not even summer! The mercury has creeped into the mid-90s already and who knows what else is in store for the hotter days that are to come. But fear not! The Buckeye State has a more than a few outlets for you to cool off by the water. Just be sure to apply your sunscreen and load up on your H2O before embarking on these waterlogged outdoor adventures!

1. Canoeing: Canoeing is a very strenuous activity which requires a lot of upper body strength and coordination & communication with your canoeing partner. It is essential for the 2 of you to synchronize your strokes in order to stay straight or turn when desired. You can canoe in a lake for a more relaxing ride, or downstream for a bit more of a challenge. Either way, add a pack of Miller High Life and you got yourself a "caBREWing" excursion that everyone will be on board for!

2. Kayaking: Once you've mastered the skill of canoeing, you can take on the task of kayaking, which kicks things up a notch. Single and double kayaks exist, so you don't necessarily have to go at it alone. Most everywhere that canoeing is offered or permitted, you will find that kayaking is also offered and permitted. Anywhere from Put-In-Bay to Alum Creek State Park to the Cuyahoga River are some of the many outlets for a great kayaking OHventure.

3. Paddleboating: Introducing the perfect combo of biking and boating: PADDLEBOATING! Also referred to as pedal boating, this activity is perfect for young and old alike, and surprisingly enough does not require a great deal of athletic ability. It is much more relaxing and care free than other waterborne transport such as canoeing or kayaking. Two great benefits of paddleboating is that your hands are free and the boat has a very small chance of tipping. Paddleboating is not an activity that would likely take place on a river, but rather on a small pond or lake.

4. Parasailing: Parasailing: It's the happy medium between the ultra-extreme skydiving and the ultra-lowkey sailing. It's getting towed behind a motorboat while attached to a long cord and hanging from a specialized parachute. It's really an exhilerating activity that's both low risk and relatively low cost. Not only will you get a nice splash from the water to cool off, you will also get the wind whisking against your face! There are two locations to parasail in Ohio: Put-In-Bay and Sandusky. Both of which are worth the price and the drive.

5. Boating: Motor boats allow you to add water skiing, parasailing, and inner tubing in the mix if you have the right equipment. But even without those things, you can still enjoy the wind blowing, the sun shining and the water splashing. Pontoon boats are also great, for things like fishing, swimming, picnicking, and just relaxing! One of my favorite yearly traditions was started 3 years ago with some great friends of mine that live on Portage Lakes in Summit County.

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