Thursday, December 26, 2013

Top 10 OHventures of 2013

Another year has come and gone! It is hard to believe! Big life changes took place for me, as I moved from Columbus (after living there for a decade), to Akron/Canton to start the next phase of my career. Sandwiched in between friends' weddings, out-of-state vacations, and acclimating myself to my new surroundings, I made sure to cram in lots of adventures. I give to you the Top 10 OHventures of 2013. There were many to choose from, but if you needed to see the best of the best, here they are (in no particular order)!

1. Ziplining at Valley Zipline Tours: For my 28th birthday, I decided to take a day off of work and stare my fear of heights in the face by going ziplining at one of the newest facilities in Ohio, Valley Zipline Tours in Lancaster.

2. Fight For Air Stair Climb: Probably one of the most challenging physical activities I have ever participated in (and that's saying a lot) was climbing 880 stairs of the Rhodes Tower in Columbus to raise money for the American Lung Association. I was literally fighting for air during this intense event!

3. Open Air Safari at The Wilds: Seeing camels, giraffes, ostriches, and antelope within hands-reach was an experience I will never forget, thanks to my visit to The Wilds in Cumberland. Think of it as a zoo but 1,000 times cooler.

4. Paddleboarding with Project 908: My cousin Jake and my friends Matt and Jess joined me in my very own backyard (which happened to be a quarry) to try out paddleboarding with a Columbus-based company, Project 908. The pictures say 1,000 words.

5. Columbus Brew Adventures: Being driven around in a van and taken to various breweries throughout Columbus for grub, fun facts, and of course booze? Can't get much better than that!

6. Akron Marathon Relay: I ran many races this year (20 to be exact), but if I had to pick the most memorable of all, it would be the Akron Marathon. I was part of a relay team (Running For Donuts) for the first time, and was running through the city that I now call home - it was a great initiation to becoming an Akronite.

7. Horseback Riding at Faith Ranch: If I could go horseback riding every weekend, I would. The city boy in me became a little bit country when I ventured to the town of Jewett to embark on an hour-long horseback trail ride at Faith Ranch.

8. Monumental Workouts in Canton: The McKinley Monument in Canton is not only a massively historic landmark, serving as the resting place for President William McKinley, but it is also becoming a hotspot for fitness enthusiasts who run the stairs and attend boot camp classes here!

9. Arnold Fitness Classic: I have been attending the Arnold Fitness Classic for many years now. It is my favorite festival of all, and we are lucky to have it right here in Ohio. You can watch athletes from all over the world compete in dozens of sports, visit the expo for loads of protein, supplements, and other goodies, or participate in the Arnold Pump & Run!

10. 1 Year Sliderversary at Zoom Room: May 23, 2013 marked the 1-year anniversary since I rescuue the honorary OHventures mascot, Slider (my chihuahua). We celebrated in a BIG way!

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