Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day in Cleveland

Photo by OHventures

The luck of the Irish reigns supreme in the streets of Cleveland year 'round, and especially during the St. Patrick's Day holiday! There is no better place to be in Ohio than in the good ol' CLE during the shamrock shenanigans, and I had the chance the experience it for myself.

The 147th Annual Cleveland St. Patrick's Day Parade began at 1:04 at the intersection of Superior Avenue and East 18th Street and had approximately 13,000 marchers on the two-mile, two-hour route around town!

But the adult fun was more up my speed - loads of green beer, Irish car bombs and shots of Jameson paired with feet-stomping Celtic punk and folk jigs complete with bagpipes, fiddles and bodhrans! The strip of bars and pubs tucked away in the East 4th Street Neighborhood (pictured above) was definitely THE place to be for all the March madness. And the best place in the 4th Street Neighborhood on St. Patty's Day is the Cleveland House of Blues. I was bouncing around in a crowd full of gawdy green garb while bands like Boys From The County Hell and the Prodigals played.

Next year, take it upon yourself to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Cleveland. You won't be disappointed.

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