Sunday, March 30, 2014

OHventures Shirts Photo Blog

A collage of our favorite readers donning the official OHventures shirt!

OHventures t-shirts debuted last fall, and they have been taking the state by storm! The shirts were created to help promote hiking, biking, running, jogging, walking, and exploring Ohio, and were worn by all of our favorite readers and supporters over the past few months! 

Below, you can see some of the fun places the shirts have been popping up, and a collection of selfies and "thumbs ups" that were inspired by those who wore them! 

Consider joining the trend and getting your very own shirt! Male and female shirts are available with the above design for a cost of just $15 (plus shipping if applicable). You can order your shirt directly by emailing along with your size, gender, and address!

Creator Mike Evans wearing the OHventures shirt!

A photo of the shirts when they first arrived - right out of the box!

Mike Evans modeling the shirt

An animation created for the OHventures homepage.

OHventures friend Mathew wearing his shirt at the Arnold Pump & Run

Fellow blogger Diane of Just Humor Me bringing OHventures to the West Coast, pictured at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco!

OHventures contributor for all things Toledo, Steve giving us a thumbs up with his shirt!

Our good friend Emily wearing the OHventures shirt at the Christmas Story 5K in Cleveland

Former OHventurer Of The Week Ryan taking a quick OHventures selfie!

My family (and Slider) supporting OHventures!!

Fellow blogger and runner, Katie, of Life Is Katetastic, smiling pretty for OHventures!

OHventures contributor (Mud Ninja) Corey giving TWO thumbs up for the shirt!

Our friend and Team OHventures Member Rachel showing off her OHventures pride!

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