Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy National Running Day!

Why do you run? 

If you visit our blog often, you'll find that we run constantly, and we share all of our experiences here in hopes to encourage you to get involved in the best sport on earth as well! There are plenty of reasons we love running, and National Running Day is dedicated to expressing those reasons for all to hear! 

We run to explore Ohio. 
We run to make new friends.
We run to stay healthy.
We run to challenger ourselves.
We run to live longer.
We run to feel alive.
We run to make memories.
We run to complete our bucket list.
We run for those who can't.
We run for charity.
We run for camaraderie.
We run for the after party.
We run for the hell of it.

And the list goes on! In honor of National Running Day, OHventures has created a brand new page on the header of our blog that will serve as an archive for ALL of the races we have participated in, and for all of the tips and tidbits we have shared along the way. Visit our new running page and be sure to let us know why YOU run!

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