Saturday, June 7, 2014

World Fit 5K Recap

Photos by OHventures

This is the church, this is the steeple, I ran a 5K with all of these people.

Every now and then, people ask me why on earth I would ever pay to go running. Sure, it's an activity that can be done for virtually no cost at all just by stepping out your front door. And while you do get a snazzy t-shirt at most any race you sign up for, that's not the reason I do it. The reason I pay hard-earned money to run is, among other things, to help support a cause or charity that the registration fee will benefit (this is true for most races you've read about), and this time, it was no different.

This past Memorial Day weekend (on May 25, 2014), my brother and his wife were part of the committee for a 5K in which their church (North-Mar Church in Warren, Trumbull County) was hosting. The event was called the World Fit 5K and it was a benefit for World Associates, a community development and poverty alleviation non-governmental organization (NGO) providing women in the Middle East with empowerment through fitness, eduction, and nutritional counseling.

On top of proceeds benefiting World Associates, many of the parishioners (including my brother and his wife) were also taking part in the Run For God program. Run For God is a Bible study that parallels faith and endurance. Its goal is to take those who had never run to their first 5K while teaching them to relate the great sport of running to their walk with Christ. It is an admirable program that I

I ran to support my family, to contribute to a cause, and to Run For God.

My grandparents after walking their first 5K!

In doing so, I participated alongside my entire family (once again), this time with the addition of my 10-year-old niece, my 76-year-old grandma, and my 79-year-old grandpa (who walked instead of running). My great aunt Kay and grear uncle Rich also showed up for the event! It was a hot, sunny day, and I was ill-prepared on sleep since I had attended a wedding in Columbus the night before. Thankfully, however, it took place at 5PM rather than in the morning.

All-star family at it again!

Many of us placed in our age grounps (including me - 2nd in the male 20-29 age group) and to celebrate afterwards, we had a Memorial Day party at my parents' tiki hut. It was a busy and rather exhausting weekend, but it's always nice to go to bed at night knowing that you have helped the world become a better place. 

And that's why I pay to run.

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