Thursday, July 16, 2015

Devil's Kettle Brewing

Photos by OHventures

97 Columbus Road
Athens, OH 45701
(740) 589-7187

Having just opened its doors earlier this year, Devil's Kettle Brewing is the newest brewery in Athens, and also one of the newest in Ohio! Located in a modest setting right off of State Route 33, the craft beers found here and the high-tech machinery behind-thetscenes make this place anything but modest.

I was given a specialized private tour from the brewmaster and owner of Devil's Kettle, Cameron Fuller. First up was the tasting room, which is lined with ample high top seating alongside a sleek bar with a custom-made counter top built with old acoustic guitar pieces. Dozens of growlers line the wall beside the beer taps, all adorned with the flashy and stylish Devil's Kettle logo.

Sitting at the bar, it was time to taste the hellishly delicious booze that has been taking Southeast Ohio by storm. The 5 beers I sampled were all different in their own way, and all so good that it was tough to pick my favorite. Tastings are offered in small 4 oz. glasses, which are for sale to take home for just $4 a piece. Taste all 5 for just $8!

(Side Note: If you make a pit stop in the bathroom - which you should if you drink enough - you will find chalkboards lining the walls. If it's not erased by now, we were sure to leave a message saying "Ohio-fy Your Life With Devil's Kettle!")

The beers available on tap when I visited (in no particular order) were:

1. Eric The Red: If I was forced to pick my favorite, this would be it. This red ale has a funny back story for its name, so be sure to ask Cameron or your bartender to fill you in and fill you up!
2. Spider Silk Blonde: I was warned about this one. Some locals told me it was tasty, but had a very high alcohol volume. With 7% ABV, I have definitely had stronger, but this is the strongest of the bunch here, and has a great balance.
3. Justin IPA: Justin IPA is "just an IPA" but one taste of this will have you wanting more.
4. Freak The Mild: This low-alcohol (session beer) brown ale packs a heap of malt flavor into such a small beer, and an homage to one of England's pub classics.
5. Gallatea Dunkel: This dark lager has a coffee-like and chocolatey flavor to it that is smooth and sweet!

Beware the Spider!

Now that I had the chance to taste the goodness produced at Devil's Kettle, it was time to get an up close and personal look at how it is made! Cameron opened a small door next to the bar, which led me to an enormous space filled with stainless steel contraptions - where all the magic happens! It reminded me of something you'd see on Willy Wonka - only better, since beer is involved.

I'll be honest - even though Cameron told me how it is done, and even though I took what I thought were pretty thorough notes, I really can't explain it very well. All I know is that this is some technical business! Beer making is definitely an art form, and the set-up at Devil's Kettle is state-of-the-art and a cut above most others in the area. Since I really am not good at letting you know the science and the trade secrets that went into the making of this fine brew, make sure to ask Cameron for the inside scoop when you make a visit on your next road trip!

Devil's Kettle's taproom is open at various times on Thursday-Sunday, some days featuring food trucks in the parking lot! Stop in and let them know OHventures sent ya!

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