Wednesday, July 22, 2015

VeloSano Thank Yous

Thanking ALL who gave to my 100-mile VeloSano bike ride! $1,575 raised (105% of my goal!).

I pedaled and sweat and powered through to make it to the finish line in just about 10 hours (including all of the stops!) Miraculously I am not sore days later (although I do have a heat rash - yuck). 

It was incredibly challenging and so inspiring to ride through the countryside of Northeast Ohio for such a great cause. 

Knowing that 4,500 people will be diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. every DAY is reason alone to take on this task. To all that gave money and cheered me on, YOU the true champs! 


My Family: Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Patty, Curt, Regina, Cousin Linda, Aunt Phyllis

My Co-Workers: Sue, Robert, Debbie, Rose, Ryan C., Carol & Bruce, Sara

My Hometown Friends: Marti & Butch, Darla, Matt & Carrie, Marcy, Marisa, Mike V., Clara, Chuck

My Fellow Torchbearers: Erica, Paul, Amanda, Danielle, Michael

The RHB Crew: Ryan, Judy, Norma & Ron, Ali & Derek, Suzanne, Pattie & Dan, Nadine, Mary, Fran, Stacey & Marc, 

The OSU Bunch: Steve, Caitlyn, Jared G., Matt C., Alyce, Andrea, Jared B.

More Thanks: Gary, David & Deborah, Jason F., Sherri', Lisa

Special Thanks: 
To Emily, for letting me crash at your place in Willoughby Hills!
To Bruce, a volunteer on race day who helped me at the finish line!
To Erin, our fearless Team Captain!
To God, for getting me through and keeping me safe!

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