Friday, October 16, 2015

Best Ohio Overnight Adventures

The back deck of Bodhi Tree Guesthouse in Athens (Photos by OHventures)

Some call it a "stay-cation," but I call it an escape from reality! If you want a unique and exciting place to stay in Ohio, I can not say enough good things about the following list of places. These are not your typical lodging options! Stay overnight high above the ground in a tree house, or in Ohio's oldest historic hotel! Book a room with amazing lakeside views, or in the thick of the woods. Or, get adventurous by staying where you can wake up and experience a float tank or a water slide! Check out our top picks for awesome lodging in Ohio, and consider booking yourself a room!

1. Bodhi Tree Guesthouse & Spa: The Bodhi Tree Guesthouse & Studio in Athens is approaching its one year anniversary of being in business, and is quickly becoming a premier Ohio destination for rest and relaxation. This Buddhist-inspired getaway can be found off the beaten path, hidden among the trees and on four acres of the Appalachian hillsides of Southeast Ohio. Travelers can choose to stay overnight in one of four beautifully furnished guest rooms, each with different sized beds and amenities. In addition to being a cozy wooded bed and breakfast, Bodhi Tree also offers meditative and therapeutic services, such as Thai massages, private yoga classes, and a refreshing and revitalizing flotation tank (an extremely unique and rare experience in the area).

2. Mohican Tree House Cabins: If you ever had a desire to live Swiss Family Robinson style for a day, or if you wanted to bring back childhood memories of the treehouse you had in your backyard, now you can! The Mohicans, located in Glenmont, Ohio in Knox County, have these exciting accommodations available for anyone to stay! Borrowing technology from the zipline industry, the treehouses are constructed upon platforms with heavy-duty bolts and hardware fastened to the trees to ensure safety, and to provide flexibility for when the trees inevitably grow in size over the years. These cabins are nestled in the treetops starting at around 20 feet in the air, allowing for beautiful picturesque views of the Mohican Forest, and providing a peaceful refuge for birdwatching or reading with a mug of coffee.

3. The Lodge at Geneva-On-The-Lake: The romanticism of Ohio's Lake Erie shoreline is encapsulated to perfection at the upscale yet affordable Lodge at Geneva-on-the-Lake. Immaculate views of the state's northernmost shore and an array of activities and attractions for folks of any age are at your fingertips when staying at the Lodge. Dine at the Horizons Restaurant and take a dip in the outdoor pool, or in the Great Lake itself!

4. Kalahari Indoor Waterpark & Resort: Kalahari Resort is primarily known for its impressive indoor water attractions, which makes it a year-round destination for travelers from near and far alike. To get the most out of your stay (especially if you came a significant distance), it's recommended you reserve a room to stay for a day or two (or three or more)! From world-class spa treatments, to a fitness facility, to a fine selection of adult beverages (including a swim-up bar), you'll be surprised how much fun can be had!

5. Golden Lamb Inn & Restaurant: The legendary Golden Lamb in Lebanon (Warren County) is known across the state (and country) for its extensive history and impressive guest list! Established in 1803 (the same year that Ohio became a state), the restaurant and inn holds the title of the oldest continuously operating business in the State of Ohio! In over 200 years of operation, The Golden Lamb has served up hearty comfort foods and offered overnight stay for such prominent figures as authors Mark Twain (Samuel Clemons) and Charles Dickens, as well as twelve United States Presidents, including William Henry Harrison, Benjamin Harrison, John Quincy Adams, Martin Van Buren, Ulysses S. Grant, Howard Taft, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and more!

6. Mohican State Park Lodge: The Mohican State Park Lodge lies right in the middle of the extremely popular and incredibly massive Mohican State Park, which is 1,110 acres in size and icnldes 5 miles of the scenic Clear Fork Branch of the Mohican River that runs through. The recreational opportunities available to the park visitor include fishing, hiking, picnicking, camping, mountain biking, hunting, horseback riding, backpacking, and boating. There's so much to explore, that you can't possibly do it all in just one day. That's why thousands of people a year choose to stay at the Mohican State Park Lodge by reserving one of its 96 guest rooms. Lodge rooms are available in double, queen, and king size, and are all complete with fantastic amenities to make your stay relaxing and comfortable. flat screen televisions with DVD players, balconies, patios, free wifi, coffee makers, mini fridges, and full baths are just some of these amenities. All rooms are smoke-free, and some are pet-friendly.

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