Thursday, October 29, 2015

TITLE Boxing Club Of Stow

Photos by OHventures

4433 Kent Road
Stow, OH 44224
(330) 474-7062

I have never sweat more in one hour than I did when I took a class at TITLE Boxing Club of Stow! When it comes to giving you a killer workout and getting you in shape, they mean business!

Boxing requires you to be in peak physical shape, and to have stamina, strength, agility, and endurance to be a success in the ring. TITLE Boxing Club offers classes that deliver the amazing results of boxing, minus the combat. These intense workouts transform and strengthen your body from head to toe by showing you how to master the moves of the boxing pros. It is incredibly fun and rewarding experience that will have you coming back for more!

In Ohio, there are 16 TITLE Boxing Club locations: Columbus (2), Grandview, Hilliard, Highland Heights, Kettering, Liberty Township, Loveland/Cincinnati, Medina, Mentor, New Albany, Pickerington, Powell, Solon, Westlake, and Stow. There are even more locations all over the United States, and one in Mexico.

My friends at the TITLE Boxing Club of Stow are particularly awesome, and invited me and my friends Greg and Brandon to check out a kickboxing class one night this fall. I had known the owner Cindy and the trainers Michael and Tori from TITLE Boxing Club of Stow's recent sponsorship of the local Wellness Walk & Run in Stow. This 5K raised money for breast cancer screenings for those in need. The folks at TITLE Boxing Club of Stow are incredibly devoted to keeping the community healthy in all ways, so it didn't take much to convince me to stop in for a class.

The three of us had little or no experience in boxing before this class (I had taken one class a few years ago in Columbus), so we had to be taught the basics. The class required we wear hand wraps (which are sold on site in various colors) and boxing gloves (of course!), which are provided at the gym. There are various group classes that are available, including traditonal boxing, 30-Minute "Calorie Crusher," 60-Minute "Power Hour," 75-Minute "Super Sessions," one-on-one personal training, and kick-boxing (which is the class we took).

The gym was set up with punching bags all lined up in rows. Everyone gets his or her own bag, and the instructor (ours was Tori) stays near the front of the class demonstrating what to do, and guiding you over a headset. The class was an intense cardio workout that incorporated toning exercises that are guaranteed to help shed pounds.

We were taught the various boxing moves, such as the jab, hook, uppercut, and cross. We then were given a series of combinations of these moves for the duration of our hour long class. We added kicks, and moves around the punching bag.

At the end of the boxing session, Tori led us in a series of ab work that pushed us even further! We definitely got a full well-rounded workout that was fun and different, but also a challenge. It required coordination and concentration, and was a great way for us to get together to try something different. It was perfect for letting of steam during the work week!

Tori and Michael let us get in the boxing ring for a photo op (shown above) and also try on the giant oversized gloves (shown below). They were fun, personable, and dedicated to what they do. 

I recommend a group boxing class to anyone looking to spice up their workout. You can burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour when you take a high energy, high intensity class at TITLE Boxing Club of Stow, and you build muscle and endurance at the same time. Our group proved that you don't have to be a boxing pro to take a class! Any level of ability is welcome. Ask about coming in and trying your first shot free so you can see for yourself!

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