Sunday, August 9, 2015

10 Reasons To Go Ape in Ohio

Photos by OHventures

Earlier this summer, OHventures took a visit to the Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course in Strongsville in Cuyahoga County. It was an enormous hit for those of us who went, and it caught a LOT of attention of our friends and readers! Our post was even featured on the Discover Ohio blog (the official travel site for the State of Ohio).

Because of this, our friend Erica wanted to take her boyfriend Paul to Go Ape - but make it a SURPRISE for him! about 15 of us kept the plan under wraps, and secretly met at Go Ape, located at the Mill Stream Run Reservation. Paul was definitely surprised, and was more than thrilled to take on the challenge of Go Ape!

And, now, OHventures gives you "10 Reasons To Go Ape in Ohio!", presented in picture form!

1. To get the opportunity to take a "selfie" 40 feet above the ground (pictured: Me, Erica, & Brandon)

2. To experience the incredibly adrenaline-pumping Tarzan swing, where you get to free fall and fling into an enormous cargo net (pictured: Paul)


4. Because where else can you get a view like this?!

5. To fly through the air on 5 enormous ziplines!

6. To perfect your balancing act on dozens of suspension obstacles!

7. To get the chance to wear these chic and fashionable safety harnesses!

8. To climb on crazy contraptions so unique you'll never see them anywhere else!

9. To get this snazzy finisher's certificate once you complete the course!

10. To spend quality time with all of your closest friends!

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