Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Old Mill Winery

Photos by OHventures

403 S. Broadway St.
Geneva, OH 44041
(440) 466-5560

The Old Mill Winery, as you might have guessed, is a winery that was built in what was once a working mill. It joins the ranks of other old-things-turned-into-wineries, such as the nearby Old Firehouse Winery (an old firehouse turned into a winery, located down the street in Geneva-On-The-Lake), South River Vineyard (an old church turned into a winery, located about 10 minutes away in Harpersfield), and the School House Winery (you guessed it - an old school house turned into a winery, located in Dover).

Located in the City of Geneva (just a few minutes south of the Lake Erie coast), Old Mill Winery is spacious on the inside, and has a large, outdoor deck perfect for summertime drinking (I particularly enjoy the directional signs right outside the patio, which point to various nearby local wineries - pictured below). The interior is dark, with an old fashioned feel to it. Old street signs and other antiques cover the walls, and large exposed wooden planks run across the low ceiling (like an old mill, naturally).

The bartenders explained that they are known for their sangria, as well as their Grindstone White and Grindstone Red wines. I decided to do a tasting of a variety of wines, including both of these. The Grindstone Red tasted much like grape juice and was very sweet and jammy. I decided to take home a bottle, however, to offset some of the usual dry reds that I have on the wine rack, so I have a variety for my guests. They also have a Grindstone Pink (a blush wine that is typically used in their sangria coolers), and a surprisingly oaky and peppery Cabernet.

There are some food options that pair perfectly with their wine, and is reason alone to visit the establishment. For an appetizer, I tried the Old Mill Dip (a roasted red pepper, cheese,  and sausage dip), which was out of this world. Other house favorites include the St. Louis Style Ribs, the Original and Loaded Wine Burger, and the Niagara Pasta Alfredo with your choice of meat.

Visiting Old Mill Winery for some wine or food is, to me, is one of the must-do things when visiting Geneva. It brings out the charm and character of the lakeside city and will be a regular stop for me whenever I am in town.

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